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– State lawmakers redesigned the Congressional and Legislative Assembly districts to reflect population changes in last year’s census, but it remains to be seen how long they last before another redesign.

The new cards heavily favor Republican candidates, and they are already being challenged in court. Cards put in place by the GOP-controlled legislature a decade ago have had to undergo several rewrites due to illegal gerrymanders.

We are in November 2021, do you know where your state budget is?

Legislative leaders and Governor Roy Cooper continue to negotiate behind closed doors, but Pro Senate Speaker Tem Phil Berger said this week the two sides were “far from each other.” The House and Senate are taking their recess next week, so it’s clear there won’t be a deal anytime soon.

Berger publicly supported Medicaid’s expansion for the first time, but said there was not enough support elsewhere in the General Assembly for it to be included in a budget deal.

A Senate bill that would legalize, regulate and tax sports betting in North Carolina resurfaced in the House this week after months of sleep. He needs to clear multiple committees before reaching a floor vote, and supporters have said that likely won’t happen until next year.

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