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January 2022

George P. Stoddard, 86, died peacefully at home in January with his wife Cherie by his side. George grew up in suburban Boston, Massachusetts, has resided for the past 22 years in Kayenta, Ivins, Utah.

As a young man, supporting a family, George held several jobs while learning to fly and earning an instructor and commercial pilot license. He was hired by Eastern Airlines, his career spanned 28 years. After Eastern Airlines disappeared, he returned to college and earned a Master of Arts and Psychology and a Specialist in Education degree from West Georgia University located in Carrollton, Georgia. He worked hard and with Cherie’s support he created another career in family counseling which allowed him to help others deal with life’s difficulties, especially those who were suffering from AIDS in the 1990s. .

After moving to Ivins, Utah, George served as a clinical therapist, working with adolescents at an adolescent treatment center for several years. He then established a private practice in family therapy until the opening of Gallery 873 in 2006, when he became the gallery’s accountant.

George was an active man, spending time on the golf course, skiing, running, biking, racquetball, pickleball and hiking. He also had a creative side which showed in his writing, he wrote many articles for publication in newspapers.

George and Cherie have spent many years photographing beautiful locations in the United States as well as overseas. This included several trips to Fenway Park so George could watch his beloved Boston Red Sox in person. Over the years, he enjoyed the three cats that shared his home.

George is survived by his wife of 39 years, seven children, 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by a daughter, Cindy and two grandsons, Nathan and Walter.

A Fabulous Farewell event was held in November 2021 to honor George. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Kayenta Center for the Arts (kayentaarts.com) for classical music concerts or to Ivins No Kill Animal Shelter on this website.

Where the cool kids retire https://www.learnracquetball.com/where-the-cool-kids-retire/ Fri, 14 Jan 2022 13:51:30 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/where-the-cool-kids-retire/

Where the Cool Kids Retire is a new campaign video from On Top of the World in Ocala, Florida.

You can check it here:

The video gives you incredible insight into the amenities residents enjoy every day. Things like 54 holes of golf on three courses, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, a private R/C flying field, bocce, racquetball and basketball courts, a fitness center, a health club and spa, restaurants, cultural venues and much more.

One of the golf courses there, Candler Hills, was recently ranked #10 on Golf Pass’ list of Florida’s best golf courses. By comparison, TPC Sawgrass with its famous 17th hole island green that you watch the pros struggle with every March was ranked No. 16, which says a lot about Candler Hills.

Residents of On Top of the World can also participate in more than 175 clubs, leagues, hobbies and lifelong learning opportunities.

It’s not hard to see why On Top of the World was the 3rd best-selling 55+ community in the country last year, with 635 new home sales.

One of my Florida Retirement Insider readers and members, Curt, is building a house there right now and he recently posted a 2,745-word message to other Florida Retirement Insider members, part of which explained why he had chose On Top of the World over The Villages.

Here is an exerpt :

Our pick at the end is On Top of the World (OTOTW). Overall it has all the activities/amenities we are looking for while being much less crowded than The Villages. Believe me, we would like to live in The Villages for many reasons. But, there are too many people, the houses are quite small, just like the grounds, and it is expensive.

OTOTW, on the other hand, the houses are much larger, the land (for estate houses) is 0.25 acres, spreading the houses out a bit, and the construction cost is very reasonable. There is less people. They have three recreation centers with more to come.

The Town Square is similar to The Villages, but not as crowded with retail. However, along the OTOTW border you have plenty of shops and restaurants within golf cart reach. Speaking of which, you don’t really need a gas cart, electricity will suffice. Another good thing about OTOTW is that it is near the villages so we can walk to any of the village squares and hang out.

Finally, not too far away is the town of Ocala, shopping malls, recreation centers, etc.

He then went on to describe the process of designing and selecting his home, going into great detail about how much he spent on upgrades and extras and why he chose certain items over others. You can sign up and read everything here.

To learn more about why Curt and many other cool kids choose On Top of the World for their retirement, ask the community for more info here:

5 Best Recreation Centers in Memphis, TN https://www.learnracquetball.com/5-best-recreation-centers-in-memphis-tn/ Fri, 14 Jan 2022 01:29:16 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/5-best-recreation-centers-in-memphis-tn/

Below is a list of the best recreation centers in Memphis. To help you find the best recreation centers near you in Memphis, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

Top Recreation Centers in Memphis:

The top rated recreation centers in Memphis, TN are:

  • Student Recreation and Fitness Center – has been renewed
  • Bickford Aquatic Facility – was started in 1900 as the Memphis Park Commission
  • Bartlett Recreation Center – started in August 2000
  • Memphis Jewish Community Center – is dedicated to improving the lives of each and everyone they touch
  • Planet Fitness – strives to create a practice environment where everyone feels approved and respected

Student Recreation and Fitness CenterRecreation Centers in Memphis

Student Recreation and Fitness Center has been renewed. In 1999, the men’s basketball practice facility named after Larry O. Finch was added. The Student Recreation and Fitness Center, which housed what was then campus recreation, and the facility was dedicated at its grand opening in January 2000. Three full-size gymnasiums, an indoor swimming pool and 50-meter outdoor pool with an outdoor diving well and an indoor leisure pool, aerobics class, fitness room and many other facilities were available.


Fitness, Nutrition, Aquatics and Safety, Sports, Facilities


Address: 624 Echles St, Memphis, TN 38152
Call: 901-678-2801
Website: www.memphis.edu


“I used it regularly at my senior’s house in 2010. Clean, good equipment and showers.” – Blaquesoul

Bickford Aquatic FacilityBest Recreation Centers in Memphis

Bickford Aquatic Facility was started in 1900 as the Memphis Park Commission. For nearly a century, he has been Memphis’ primary green space manager. Memphis’ existing park system has played an important role in their city’s history and was created to provide enjoyment to residents in all walks of life.

Memphis Parks promotes enjoyable and safe environments for community-centered experiences that bring all Memphis residents together, celebrate life, and enhance mind and body. The city pools are free and accessible to the public, but you and your child will need a city pass to enter.


Parks, activities, Lighterman Nature Center, Memphis Zoo, indoor and outdoor pools


Address: 235 Henry Ave, Memphis, TN 38107
Call: 901-578-3732
Website: www.memphisparks.com


“I swim every day here and I love it. I find it more relaxing than the area and pools and the staff are always lovely and helpful. -Charlotte D.

Bartlett Recreation CenterMemphis Recreation Centers

Bartlett Recreation Center, 55,000 square feet, began in August 2000. Its mission is to provide the residents of Bartlett and surrounding towns with high quality recreation and fitness programs, services and special events. They encourage you to take a look at the Bartlett Recreation Center and see all it has to offer. It contains a group fitness studio, two racquetball courts, a gymnasium with two full basketball courts (one of which is flanked by three pickleball courts), and many other amenities.


Group exercise studio, two racquetball courts, fully equipped weight and cardiovascular rooms


Address: 7700 Flaherty Pl, Memphis, TN 38133
Call: 901-385-6470
Website: www.cityofbartlett.org


“Great pool for the kids to swim in the Bartlett Extreme swim team. Our son loves it.” -Chris A.

Memphis Jewish Community Center is dedicated to improving the lives of each and everyone they touch. In each sector, you will discover state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as qualified and certified personnel. They offer a variety of activities, classes, and schedules to meet your individual needs, interests, and goals.

They work with United Way of the Mid-South and the Memphis Jewish Federation as a non-profit organization to establish and maintain a healthy, vibrant, and compassionate community.


Fitness, Sports, Aquatics, Preschool, Youth, Adults, Arts


Address: 6560 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38138
Call: 901-761-0810
Website: www.jccmemphis.org


“Great place for swimming, working out etc. The people are friendly and the center is well maintained. I’ve been a member for over 10 years and wouldn’t consider anywhere else.” – Michael A.

Planet FitnessOne of the best recreation centers in Memphis

Planet Fitness strives to create a practice environment where everyone feels approved and respected. That’s why at Planet Fitness Memphis (Village Plaza), TN, they go to great lengths to keep their facilities clean and welcoming, their staff pleasant, and their qualified trainers ready to help. Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned fitness pro, you’ll always feel welcome in their non-judgmental zone. They have a membership choice for you no matter what you are looking for in a gym.


Gym, Home Club, Trainer


Address: 4661 Knight Arnold Road, Memphis, TN 38118
Call: 901-410-2075
Website: www.planetfitness.com


“Perfect timing for my training, I think there were maybe less than 10 people in the facility at one point.” – F green.

New Macfarlane Park mural highlights Tampa boxing legends https://www.learnracquetball.com/new-macfarlane-park-mural-highlights-tampa-boxing-legends/ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 01:52:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/new-macfarlane-park-mural-highlights-tampa-boxing-legends/

TAMPA, Florida – Macfarlane Park in West Tampa looks a bit brighter thanks to mural artists Edgar Sanchez Cumbas and Jay Giroux.

The mural, titled “Measured,” is located on the east and west facades of the racquetball courts and highlights the many sports played in the Tampa Historical Park at 1700 N. MacDill Ave., Tampa, such as basketball and tennis.

It also highlights boxing, a sport that was popular in West Tampa for many years.

Among the sports stars depicted in the mural are boxing legends Dr. Fernando “Ferdie” Pacheco and Joe “King” Roman.

Pacheco was doctor and corner man for world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, and Roman, Puerto Rico’s first world heavyweight championship challenger and resident of Tampa, is featured in the mural as a symbol of motivation, inspiration and determination.

“Measured strives to send the message that success is not about victory, but how life’s unexpected paths flourish when you never give up,” said Giroux.

The existing mural in the park, “Kaleidoscope: a heritage of colors”, has also been restored by the artists. It was created in 2005 by Cumbas and Guillermo Portieles who wanted to represent the hardworking residents of West Tampa “who have embraced a thriving social and cultural community through their broad mix of nationalities and religions”.

Based on this concept and with input from community leaders and historians, the “Kaleidoscope: A Legacy of Colors” mural was commissioned by the City of Tampa Public Art Program.

It features five influential figures in Tampa history, including Robert “Bob” Saunders, civil rights activist and director of the NAACP in Florida from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s; Luisa Capetillo, women’s rights activist in the early 1900s; Jose Marti, leader of Cuban independence from Spain, and poet and writer in the late 1800s; Colonel Hugh Macfarlane, the Scottish immigrant and lawyer who founded West Tampa in 1892; and Fernando Figueredo, the first mayor of West Tampa in 1895.

Macfarlane donated the 40 acres for the park in 1909, and the park was completed the same year – April 25, 1909. A historical marker can be found at the end of the main entrance road in honor of Macfarlane, according to Historic Tampa, an interactive web exhibit created and maintained by students and faculty at the University of South Florida.

Newly paved roads and streetcars led to the park, bringing thousands of people to the park every Sunday. Macfarlane Park featured a pavilion built on an artificial mound overlooking the 40 acres donated by Macfarlane, where there were musical performances, dancing and social gatherings.

The landscaped park also included rides and swings as well as picnic areas. A baseball field and a golf course were part of the property’s sports facilities.

Amid the changes that have taken place in West Tampa over the years, Macfarlane Park has remained a constant with the lodge still standing atop the hill.

Tampa History
Archived photos show the original pavilion and the closed entrance to Macfarland Park.

Take a look at these vintage advertisements from the St. Louis Jewish Light – https://www.learnracquetball.com/take-a-look-at-these-vintage-advertisements-from-the-st-louis-jewish-light/ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 20:43:55 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/take-a-look-at-these-vintage-advertisements-from-the-st-louis-jewish-light/

Talk about going down a rabbit hole.

Did you know that every issue of the St. Louis Jewish Light dates back to February 20, 1947. That’s right.

I was recently looking for an interview conducted by our editor Robert A. Cohn in 1976, when I found myself looking page after page after page for the interview. But what really caught my eye and my attention more than the articles were the advertisements.

The first ad got me back to remembering my mom driving me and my brother to Chesterfield with matching Adidas headbands, t-shirts, shorts and sweat socks pulled up to the knees to take racquetball lessons, because my dad played racquetball.


Do you remember Castle Oak? They had great hot dogs at the snack bar.

So, to celebrate nostalgia for the amazing advertisements of local businesses then and now, we are giving you these advertisements from the St. Louis Jewish Light newspaper from May 26, 1976.

If you would like to advertise your business with us and help us survive until 2076, please click here. We would love to turn your ad into a classic one day.

For better viewing, click on the Gallery box below. Enjoy!

BRYMCA: The heart is still beating https://www.learnracquetball.com/brymca-the-heart-is-still-beating/ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 14:07:21 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/brymca-the-heart-is-still-beating/

Hats off to the Boothbay Area YMCA Trustees, current and past members, for never emphasizing what the “Heart of the Region” has to offer. And to the people of this region and across the country, who have supported the changes that have taken place over the many years that the facility has been erected on Townsend Avenue.

I’m so old, I remember the gym that was at the east end of the basketball court. It was a place where then-general manager Art Warner taught classes on the trampoline, hitting horse, and other equipment.

I’m so old, I remember my legs and feet sore from playing hoops for hours on the tiled basketball court before the wooden court was set up.

And I’m so old, I remember the ping pong ball container that was on the corner of the reception (located right at the front door) where you could pay a quarter to get a ball and sign a few paddles play a game.

Dozens and dozens of changes have been made to the Y over the years to benefit the community: two swimming pools, weight rooms, exercise rooms, racquetball / squash courts, tennis court and track. raised… and much more.

The YMCA is currently changing again with “a remodeling of health and wellness areas, expansion of community spaces, modernization of the building’s electrical and mechanical systems for greater energy efficiency, (and) improvements to the parking lot, installation of a new HVAC systems to improve air quality. Other features include a new multi-purpose studio for expanded wellness programming and a teaching kitchen to bring farms into the Y program to continue tackling nutrition and food insecurity in the region, ”as well as d ‘Other features to be added, including the installation of solar panels in the field, which will reduce operating costs, and a redesigned track.

Everywhere I have traveled across the state, the Boothbay Area YMCA is generally considered “one of the best Y’s that I have been to.”

It makes me proud to hear that.

]]> Ultimate Guide to a Gym Near You in Collin County (15+ options!) https://www.learnracquetball.com/ultimate-guide-to-a-gym-near-you-in-collin-county-15-options/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 10:55:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/ultimate-guide-to-a-gym-near-you-in-collin-county-15-options/

Let’s be honest – doing the same fitness videos in your living room over and over again isn’t much fun. It’s also not walking the same trick around your neighborhood over and over again. Joining a gym would give you access to more equipment and classes, as well as a sense of community (and the people watching … it is always fun).

A quick internet search for “gym near me” will reveal all those big box gyms you know (like Lifetime, 24 hours of fitness, Planet Fitness, Family fitness in Texas, LA Fitness). They are everywhere.

We decided to dig a little deeper so you can identify lesser-known gyms in the area that might be a perfect fit for your fitness goals. Check them!

The yoga studio + bar at Equinox, the luxury fitness club at The Shops at Willow Bend. A great gym option near the people of Plano! | Equinox

Find a gym near you … Plano

6109 West Park Boulevard (The Willow Bend Stores)

Located in The Shops at Willow Bend, this luxury health club features three floors of workout equipment and studios. Facilities include a Yoga + Barre studio set up for infrared hot yoga, a rooftop workout area, indoor lap pool, steam rooms, luxury locker room, kids’ club, bar juice and a rejuvenating spa.

Cowboys Fit Plano
4817 boul. W Park, office 800

An expansion of the first of its kind Cowboys Fit at the Dallas Cowboys World headquarters in Frisco, the Plano location offers many of the same star-studded amenities. Enjoy access to state-of-the-art equipment like the Cowboys’ training center, boutique-style group gym, and recovery lounge. Plano offers membership options that give members the option to train at both The Star and Plano locations.

Plano Athletics Club
4600 boul. West Park

“The PAC” is a results-driven gym that inspires accountability and transformation. In addition to weight training and cardio equipment, amenities include an indoor pool, recovery area, basketball court, and kids’ area.

Plano leisure centers
Five locations in Plano

The town of Plano offers five family recreation centers offering affordable day passes, monthly or annual subscriptions. Each offers cardio and weight training equipment and a wide variety of other equipment. Equipment may vary from one establishment to another. (For example, one may have racquetball courts, another may have an outdoor fitness area with Octagon and TRX training equipment, or an indoor track.)

Find your ideal location here: Carpenter recreation center | Freedom recreation center | Oak Point Recreation Center | Tom Muehlenbeck Center | Sam Johnson Recreation Center for adults 50 and over

Workout plan anytime
4101 E, boulevard du Parc

Workout Anytime is an ultra-practical and affordable gym that is accessible to members at any time, day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. upscale, as well as hydromassage, indoor tanning, personal coaching, Theragun therapy and a React trainer.

A gym fit for a Dallas cowboy. Cowboy Fit is a great gym near the people of Frisco! | Cody Baller

Find a gym near you … Frisco

Cowboys in shape
5 cowboys way

Cowboys Fit offers the complete experience with over 60,000 square feet of luxury gym equipment at the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters at The Star in Frisco. Enjoy state-of-the-art equipment used by the Dallas Cowboys, 40-yard sports field, group fitness classes, indoor / outdoor cycling room, heated rooftop pool , a recovery lounge and more.

Frisco Sports Center
5828 Nancy Jane Street

Informally referred to as the FAC, the award-winning, family-oriented fitness and aquatic center spans over 100,000 square feet of indoor wellness opportunities and over 350,000 gallons of water. The FAC has something for every member of the family. Bonus: membership includes access to Frisco water park!

Frisco Family YMCA
3415 West Main Street

Take advantage of this family-friendly facility that offers over 6,000 square feet of fitness equipment and approximately 100 group exercise classes per week. Family memberships include free childcare.

Conquer physical form and performance
4681 Ohio Drive, Suite 110

Specializing in helping people 30 and over get into the best shape of their lives, Conquer Fitness is a private gym that personalizes every workout without the hefty price of a private trainer. Offering one-on-one training, semi-private training and training in small groups (max of 12 people), Conquer is a tight-knit community of people working towards the same goal: to thrive after 30 years.

Find “your people” at R&G Fitness… a great gym near the people in McKinney! | R&G Fitness

Find a gym near you … Mckinney

R&G Fitness
344 E, Louisiane Street

At R&G Fitness (Rise and Grind), they treat everyone like family. Coaches know your name and know where you are on your fitness journey. They don’t believe in being the most athletic, tallest, strongest, or fastest to be successful in their program. Personalized team workouts allow clients to find community and results.

Central highway 3190 S

The mission of CLUB4 Fitness is to provide an entertaining, educational, user-friendly, functional and innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of your mind, body and spirit. Facilities include fun group fitness classes, state-of-the-art equipment, lawn, sauna, locker rooms, unlimited tanning and childcare.

Apex Center
3003 Alma Road

This 80,000 square foot aqua and fitness facility features Precor, LifeFitness and Hammer Strength equipment, a gymnasium, basketball courts and an elevated track. Do you want to train individually? In a group lesson? With weights? Choose the workout that’s right for your schedule, fitness level, and life. Become a member or purchase a day pass.

McKinney Family YMCA
300 Ridge Road

Take advantage of this family-friendly facility that offers over 6,000 square feet of fitness equipment and approximately 100 group exercise classes per week. Family memberships include free childcare.

Do the 40,000 feet of turf at the Hidden Gym in Allen YOUR turf. It’s a great gym near the Allen people!

Find a gym near you … Allen

Hidden gym
109 N Greenville

Unleash your hidden potential in a gym with great equipment and great culture. Hidden Gym has plenty of cardio equipment to increase your heart rate, 4000 feet of grass, PRIME’s SmartStrength resistance equipment and Arsenal Strength equipment, a boxing zone and recovery room. Grab a free pass from their website and give it a try.

Allen Town Parks and Recreation
Multiple locations in Allen

The City of Allen Parks and Recreation Department currently has two recreation centers in the city (another is under construction), each with a fitness program. Enjoy affordable access to cardiovascular equipment, weight machines, and free weights, plus group fitness classes.

Follow these links to learn more about each location: Joe Farmer Recreation Center | Allen Seniors Recreation Center

My fitness house
190 East Stacy Road, # 1506

My House Fitness is more than just a team of personal trainers, and more than just a gym. If you are intimidated or overwhelmed by the local shopping gym, you will feel right at home. The private fitness studio is by appointment only, so there are no crowds. If you’re struggling to stay motivated, My House has personal trainers ready to support your goals.

Fitness Connection
605 W McDermott Drive

Fitness Connection believes that the best workout is the one you WANT to do, which is why they provide all the amenities for every member. The gym offers a wide variety of group fitness classes, cardio machines, free weights up to 150 lbs, showers, sauna, several basketball and racquetball courts, kids’ club kids, a women-only training area and the Fit Flix Theater.

We also recommend Orangetheory Fitness (which has multiple locations in DFW). Orangetheory aims to help you achieve superior results in the most diverse and inclusive environment possible. Here are more reasons to check it out!

]]> Around the Neighborhoods: Graiguenamanagh in Tullogher-Rosbercon https://www.learnracquetball.com/around-the-neighborhoods-graiguenamanagh-in-tullogher-rosbercon/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 02:00:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/around-the-neighborhoods-graiguenamanagh-in-tullogher-rosbercon/


raig notes

Email news, club events, announcements, and more. for notes to graignotes@outlook.com. The deadline is Thursday 6 p.m.

Parish news

Duiske Abbey returns to its usual opening hours, with weekend mass on Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 11 a.m. and weekday mass at 10 a.m. except Saturday.

Prize draws

Graig GAA and Highview Athletitc Lotto draw and Tidy Towns jackpot draws to resume next week

John Joyce RIP

The death of John Joyce, formerly of Miltown, Graiguenamanagh and Ossory Park, Kilkenny at St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny on December 30. Sadly his wife Mary Ann and son Dwayne and brother Michael and sister Kathleen and all her relatives and friends. Funeral and interment took place at St Kieran Cemetery after Requiem Mass in St John’s Church on Monday. John was the first man to work at Duiske Glass in its early days.


A number of businesses have had to close in the city due to Covid 19, mainly due to close contact and infections and staff unable to attend.



There was no jackpot winner last week when the numbers drawn were 8, 12, 18 and 20. The winner of match 3 was Kay Parker, Campile who wins € 200. This week’s jackpot is € 2,750. All proceeds from the Tintern Lotto go towards the upkeep of the Tintern Community Center in Ballycullane, which is an invaluable facility for the entire parish. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Snowshoe club

Huge work has been done to put Gusserane Handball and Racquetball Alley back to the test and the newly formed committee is always delighted to welcome new members to the club. Such has been the interest since the reopening of the alley that there is rarely a night when the facility is not in use.

Anyone interested in registering is kindly requested to send an email to GHRClub@outlook.com for instructions on how to register. A simple online reservation service means that when players reserve their slot to play, they can rest assured that the aisle will be available and that no time is wasted waiting for others to finish.

The club would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of the St Leonards Christmas Lights Race who generously donated a portion of the funds they recently raised for the upkeep of the aisle.


Divide the pot

The Split the Pot Christmas special has been postponed due to the growing number of Covid-19s in the region. The draw will now take place at Foley’s Bar on Friday January 14th along with our usual bi-monthly Split the Pot.


Bro. Don Kenny will continue to say Mass at Newbawn on weekends in Bro. Moynihan’s absence. Anyone wishing to book a mass can do so after any of the weekend masses. A member of the parish council will be present at all masses to facilitate this.

A member of the Covid Committee will be present at all masses. They will not place people in their place or attend Holy Communion unless there is a large attendance at Mass.

We ask people to continue to use the one-way system to get in and out of church and also at Holy Communion, maintaining social distancing and sanitizing their hands.

We continue to pray for Fr. Jimmy and wish him a speedy recovery.

The late Jimmy Neville

Much sadness and regret has been caused in the Newbawn area at the sudden death of Jimmy Neville. A native of Duncormick, Jimmy resided near Casey’s Cross, Newbawn. Sympathy is extended to his sister Kathleen, partner Joan, nieces, and all relatives and friends. He was buried in Ballymitty Cemetery after Requiem Mass in the Church of Mary Immaculate and St. Joseph, Carrig on Bannow last Thursday.

Good year

We wish all Newbawn Notes readers a happy and prosperous New Year.


Youth Fusion Café

The Fusion Youth Café at the South West Wexford Family Resource Center will reopen for fifth and sixth grade students on Monday and Tuesday, January 10 and 12, from 3 p.m. to 5:15 p.m., and for high school students on Wednesday, January 12, from from 4 pm to 6 pm

Find your friends, play games and have fun. This is the opportunity to try out a lot of fun games and activities, so don’t hesitate. We have a small store with a limited variety of snacks available, as well as a selection of ‘toast’ for those cold winter days.

Covid protocols are still in place, so make sure you have completed a Covid screening form which can be downloaded from our Fusion Youth Café Ramsgrange Facebook page. To reserve a place, please call 087 1769843 or 051 3894180.

Guys with cameras

We will reopen for our Wednesday night meetings at the South West Wexford Family Resource Center on Wednesday January 26th. The group will meet at 7pm and although our main activity is photography, we also do a lot of other things including carpentry, computer training and outings. All are welcome and for more information contact Jack on 087 1358254.

Group of parents and toddlers

The first parent and toddler group meeting will take place on Tuesday January 11 from 10 a.m. to noon. For more information, please call Lorraine on 051 389418 or email community@swwfrc.ie.

Consultancy services

Please note that our subsidized and affordable counseling service is now available to everyone. For confidential requests or to make an appointment, please contact us on 051 389418.

Upcoming courses at REaD

Please contact us for information on the classes we have planned for the New Year. Social assistance recipients may be eligible for funding for courses. Easy payment plans can be used for all courses. For more details or to reserve a spot for any course, call 051 389418, email read@swwfrc.ie or send us a message on Facebook: facebook.com/swwfrc.

We continue to offer free training for those looking to improve their skills online. For more information on our free courses on computer / tablet / smartphone, please contact us on 051 389418.

Loto St James GAA

The club would like to thank everyone who purchased tickets for last Tuesday’s draw. There was no € 14,000 jackpot winner in the draw and the winning numbers were 3, 10, 18 and 21. The St James Club had a match three winner: Shirley Doyle, Haggard.

Season’s greetings to all those who have purchased tickets in 2020 and please continue to support the lotto in 2022. The jackpot for the next lotto draw on January 11 will be € 14,000 (reserve jackpot of € 11,600). Lotto tickets are available from committee members and local shops and pubs.



There was no jackpot winner in the Tintern Lotto draw last week. Kay Parker, Campile matched three numbers and she received € 200. The numbers drawn were 8, 12, 18 and 20. Next week’s jackpot is € 2,750 and next week’s match three winners will split € 200. Tickets on sale in all local shops and pubs and from committee members. The draw takes place every Tuesday evening at 9 p.m.


Omicron virus

First it was the Delta strain of the Covid 19 virus and now we have the Omicron version. It is very widespread throughout the parish and people must be extra careful in their movements and their contacts. While many only have a soft version, some are much more under the weather. This booster shot was a big help in reducing the effects and avoiding hospitalization. The new Booster Vaccine certificates are being issued this week and will be required to gain access to many outlets soon after they are issued.

Parish Masses

The Rosbercon Assumption Church celebrated Mass on the second and fourth weekends of each month when attendance is limited due to social distancing. A strict protocol concerning the disinfection of hands when entering and leaving the church is in force. Anyone wishing to attend Mass can log into the Web Cam on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Protect representatives

Our two safeguarding representatives in the parish are Brid Vereker from Millbanks Grove and Ann O Sullivan from Ballykenna. If anyone has any concerns regarding the protection of children and adults, please contact Brid or Ann where your request will be treated with confidentiality and courtesy.

Christmas collection

All circulating envelopes for the Christmas collection can be delivered to the parish house or placed in the collection box at the back of the church. Father Dan is very grateful for the continued generosity of the people and thanks everyone who regularly contributes to church funds.

Little Christmas

Last Thursday was the last stop of Christmas 2021 when Little Christmas or Nollaig na mBan was celebrated. In the past, January 6 was always a day and night when people enjoyed the last vestiges of the real Christmas on December 25. There was a lot of fun and social activities with visiting friends and domestic dances. What was called “a Spree” was held in many homes with a quarter of the local New Ross Cherry’s beer, or Guinness stout being supplied to visitors and of course a drop of port or sherry for the ladies. “Guiness’s stout is definitely good on tap or in bottle, but Cherry’s Ale is sure to cure a thirsty choke.”

The last pieces of Christmas cake or pudding were also served and the next morning there was probably some headache after beer as well. Nice people, they all enjoyed their ‘Little Christmas’ maybe much more than we do today with all of our rules and regulations.

New year greetings

A very happy new year to all readers of these notes and may 2022 bring you a much better time than we have experienced in the last two. Protect yourself, be well and take the necessary precautions.

Ruppert Jones talks karate and third bridge at Kingdome, Claudell Washington https://www.learnracquetball.com/ruppert-jones-talks-karate-and-third-bridge-at-kingdome-claudell-washington/ Tue, 11 Jan 2022 00:25:23 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/ruppert-jones-talks-karate-and-third-bridge-at-kingdome-claudell-washington/

The first player selected in the 1976 Major League Baseball expansion draft by the new Seattle Mariners organization, Ruppert Jones quickly made his mark on the new franchise. A multi-talented athlete with power and speed, Jones became the Mariner’s first rep at the MLB All-Star Game in 1977.

In 1979, he posted the best single-season stats of his entire career when he recorded 166 hits, scored 109 points, had nine triples, produced 78 points and stole 33 goals while playing in all 162 games.

After brief stops with the New York Yankees and a second All-Star appearance while playing for the San Diego Padres, Jones became World Series champion in 1984 with the Detroit Tigers. He also spent three years with the California Angels before ending his career in Japan.

In our latest Q&A Card Back, we catch up with the retired player and current author on getting into karate to help him out on the baseball field, hitting bombs in Seattle’s Kingdome, and how good a teammate is. by Claudell Washington was really awesome.

Tony Reid-Your 1987 Topps card stated that you enjoyed both karate and racquetball. Are those two activities that you really excelled at during your playing days?

Ruppert Jones-I didn’t play racquetball after I broke my shoulder in 1980. I stopped playing racquetball. I did karate. The two best seasons I have had in baseball, 1979 and 1982, I took up karate in the offseason. I have had my best seasons in the past two years, without a doubt.

TR-Was it the speed, timing, and hand-eye coordination in karate that helped you out on the diamond?

RJ– That was the concentration aspect of it. It was the aspect of me that really controlled my body. It was about uniting my mind to my body. I was able to go out and do that on the pitch much better.

TR-Your Topps card from 1980 stated that you were the fifth player in Kingdome history to reach the third deck with a bomb. It was 7/11/79. Do you remember hitting that moon stroke?

RJ– He was a Yankees pitcher named Ken Clay. Yeah, I hit one in the third deck. I’ll tell you what, if you look at the records and history of the Kingdome, I bet you in the right field there weren’t that many balls hit in the second bridge. I hit one in the second deck. It had to be a line reader. You couldn’t get one other than with a line reader. The second bridge was a real narrow slit. If you look at the history, I guarantee that there weren’t more than four or five balls hit in that second bridge.

TRThe back of your 1988 scorecard stated that you were a three-star sports star as a baseball outfielder, basketball goalie and football wide receiver. He also mentions the fact that you were a teammate with Claudell Washington. That’s a pretty cool fact, considering you’ve both had long careers in Major League Baseball.

RJ– I’m from Texas. In 1967 my family moved to Berkeley, California. It was in summer. I didn’t play baseball that year, but the following year, 1968, I was playing baseball on the sand court. A guy I played basketball with saw me play. He said I was a better baseball player than a basketball player. I told him the only reason I played basketball was because they didn’t have a football team. He told me they had Pony League trials. He told me to come but not to do anything. He told me to sign my name and he told me not to run or throw or do anything. He said his team won the championship and chose the last one. If the other teams saw me, they would pick me up. OK, so I went to the trials. I signed up and didn’t do anything. His team chose me. The first day we trained the team coach saw me play. He said he didn’t normally draft guys he didn’t know anything about. He said he heard I was good, but he didn’t know I was that good.

Then I played against Claudell Washington. I was 13 years old. He was by far the best player in the league. I’ll tell you how good he was. I played against him when I was 13 and 14. Claudell did not play baseball from 14 to 17 years old. We had a Connie Mack team that year and we needed players. We asked Claudell to play for us. He said okay. He hadn’t played baseball for a few years. He got out and a month later signed a free agent deal with the Oakland A’s. He goes to Oregon and kills the league. Then he goes to the Midwest League and kills the league. Then he goes to Double A and by the All Star break in Double A, the Oakland A brings him into the big leagues. So he goes 17 and at 19 he was in the big leagues after not playing baseball for three years. In two years, he was in the big leagues. That’s how good Claudell Washington was.

On Tony reid

Since his childhood Tony has been a huge sports fan. If he could play sports, watch sports and talk about sports, it was a beautiful day. As soon as he was drawn to sports, Tony was drawn to collecting sports cards. Not much has changed over the years. He collects CRs from star baseball, basketball and football players. He also has a soft spot for early autographs from MMA stars. If you want to tell Tony about the greatness of Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, or Ken Griffey, Jr., you can reach him at @reidrattlecage on any social media platform.

UC Services to Help You Keep Your Resolutions This Year Life and the arts https://www.learnracquetball.com/uc-services-to-help-you-keep-your-resolutions-this-year-life-and-the-arts/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 03:00:00 +0000 https://www.learnracquetball.com/uc-services-to-help-you-keep-your-resolutions-this-year-life-and-the-arts/

UC Sustainability’s Bike Kitchen is a service center where any student, staff, or faculty can learn about bicycle repair and maintenance.

Each new year, once the ball has fallen and the champagne bottles have been burst, many find themselves with New Year’s resolutions to break. Whether you’re looking to be more active or spend more time volunteering, it can be difficult to stick to your resolve beyond the first two weeks of the year. However, there are many resolutions that can be maintained and achieved using the many resources that the University of Cincinnati (UC) offers its students.

Be active

Those looking to be more physically active in 2022 have many options on campus to help them achieve their goals. The Campus Recreation Center (CRC) offers 212,000 square feet of space to be active in the New Year and is free to all full-time students in the upscale neighborhoods of campus. In addition to the standard cardio and strength training equipment, CRC also offers fitness classes, personal training, racquetball, water sports, and indoor rock climbing. CRC also offers certifications and workshops for those who wish to continue pursuing their passion for fitness as one of their resolutions.

Live more sustainably

As society continues to run out of time to take action against the most serious effects of climate change, many people are looking to make lifestyle changes to live more sustainably. Programs like UC Bike Kitchen and Bearcat Bike Kitchen can help students reduce the carbon consumption in their lives. Both of these programs are managed by the UC Office of Sustainability and aim to promote cycling culture on campus and allow students to borrow a bicycle to get around town or can help students repair their personal bikes. The university also has several student organizations dedicated to environmental protection, such as Restore Our Mother Earth (ROME), Leaders for Environment Awareness Protection (LEAP) and Sustainable Industrial Design Initiative.

Volunteer more

The university has several services for those who wish to spend more time helping the community this year. On the Center for Community Engagement website, students can find a myriad of volunteer opportunities. The wide variety of volunteer opportunities ensure that students can find an organization or community project that they are passionate about this year. Programs include Bearcat Buddies, a partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) to bring in volunteer tutors to help CPS students with schoolwork and with Cincinnati Parks, to help conserve and manage city parks.

Get organized

The new year is a perfect opportunity to reorganize yourself and change some school habits that hinder your learning. In order to reverse some of these bad habits and prepare you for a successful spring semester, the university offers Free Skills for Success workshops that teach students skills that will help them succeed in college. With services tailored to both a freshman or a student in their final semester, students can participate in one-hour trainings on better study habits, time management, tackling procrastination and more.