Lego Art Iron Man: Take Time For Yourself

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One thing I learned during this pandemic is that you can never have too many activities to keep busy while being locked away at home. For me that means streaming TV shows from the late 90s and early 2000s, playing video games, learning to play the ukulele, building ukuleles, doing cross stitch and more.

One thing i do not have I did a lot of things in my 40s, that’s building Lego sets, which is weird, because I used to do it pretty regularly before. Guess I may have slowed down since running out of shelf space to display them all. Today, Lego launched a new line of building sets, aimed specifically at stressed adults, called Lego Art, designed to be hung on the wall instead.

The Lego Art series was released earlier this month, and features designs inspired by Marvel’s Star Wars, Andy Warhol, The Beatles and Iron Man. Lego was kind enough to send me one of Iron Man’s sets so that I could share the building experience with you.

“Listen, build, relax”



Each Lego Art set comes with instructions for building three or four different models, but not at the same time. So you can choose to build your Beatle armor or your favorite version of Iron Man, but you’ll have to take it apart to build another one (or buy multiple sets). If you invest in three Iron Man or Star Wars sets, however, Lego offers free downloadable instructions for combining them into a single Ultimate Build. Darth Vader’s jumbo build looks pretty rad.

Each set also comes with a QR code so you can access a “unique soundtrack” that you can listen to as you build. While working on the design of Iron Man Mark III, I enjoyed what was essentially a 90-minute Marvel Comics podcast, complete with interviews from comic book experts, Marvel staff, and designers. of Lego who created the set.

As for the construction of the set, I have to say that I probably would have been more relaxed if I hadn’t tried to record the entire process with three different cameras from multiple angles. I listened to the soundtrack while doing it, and it was quite engaging. It was especially interesting to learn that the Lego Art sets were originally created using square pieces, but the image ended up looking too pixelated. The circular pieces helped give the patterns a softer look and let the black background shine through.

The construction of the whole also took time. It includes a total of 3,167 pieces, and while you don’t use all of them for every design, the 48 by 48 stud grid made up a total of 2,304 small round pieces that needed to be placed just in the right place. My fingers were a little sore at the end, but it’s the pain I’m willing to take to bring you that kind of content.


Chris Parker / CNET

One of these days, when I have some spare time, I’m probably going to take the set apart so that I can build a different design. Then I’ll see how relaxing the experience can be. I don’t think I’ll buy two more sets to complete the triptych, but I might see some splurge on one of the Warhol sets. A magenta Marylin Monroe could really tie my living room together.

Lego Art Iron Man is exclusive to retailers and Lego, and is available now. The other three sets will be available on September 1.



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