St. Cloud man tries to beat his own world record

Two men from St. Cloud will attempt to break their own world record on December 30 at St. Cloud Cathedral High School.

Last year, Ben Bzdok and his brother Matt Bzdok set the Guinness World Record for “Consecutive Greatest Ultimate Flying Disc (Frisbee) by a pair of 2,944 passes”. This year Ben has a new partner and is set to break the record he helped set. Ben shared:

My brother-in-law Greg Jamison and I will be in a basketball gym this year to provide more space for our business. The goal is 10,000, but we would be happy with anything north of 5,000. Matt Bzdok and I currently hold the record at 2,944, but Matt was unable to re-commit this. year, so Greg was happy to take his place.

When Ben set this record last year, he had three goals in mind: to promote the maintenance of good health, to promote exercise, and to bring attention to the St. Cloud State Ultimate Frisbee team. University.

This year’s attempt will take place on a basketball court as opposed to a racquetball court, but the settings are the same. They should be consecutive Frisbee shots from more than 10 feet apart. Ben said:

Matt and I know we could have put it a lot higher without the skinny walls of the racquetball court. It will be a real test of endurance and Greg is an endurance athlete!

The world record attempt will take place on December 30 at Cathedral High School gymnasium from noon to 10 p.m. or until they hit their goal of over 5,000.

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