West Side Rag “Sean Hannity Says Upper West Side Homeless Hotels Part of” New York Nightmare “

Posted on July 30, 2020 at 4:21 p.m. by West Sider

The Upper West Side has always been a bogeyman for Tories who have laughed at the liberal politics of residents here for decades (though many prominent right-wingers also choose to live here! Yes, even Rush Limbaugh once lived on UWS).

On Wednesday night, Fox News commentator and close personal friend of President Sean Hannity caught the attention of his more than 4 million viewers. on the Upper West Side. In particular, Hannity highlighted the situation at the hotel Lucerne on 79th Street where the city has placed 283 homeless men.

(Throughout the segment, Hannity continually spoke of drug addicts in the “glamorous” neighborhood of the Upper East Side – although Lucerne is in the Upper West.)

“It got so bad that a four-star hotel was turned into a homeless shelter for drug addicts,” Hannity said. It was part of a theme pushed by the president and his allies that cities run by Democrats are falling into chaos.

A Fox reporter looked at the homeless situation and “what he found should shock conscience,” Hannity said. The reporter interviewed local residents, who had mixed feelings about the shelter. Some said they were nervous about security and wished they had been consulted, while one said: “I think if it’s very well coordinated and supervised it can work” .

The journalist also walked around the city center talking about people who used heroin there. At times the segment seemed to confuse the situation in The Lucerne with that in the city center, highlighting “drug addicts taking heroin” – something that the post office said is happening in the city center.

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