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$ 25 Million USD Wellness Center Expansion To Begin Summer 2022 | Local News

More than just building a new indoor pool as part of an expansion to the USD Wellness Center lies in the list of future upgrades planned for the University of South Dakota.

The new pool will also include an obstacle course that can be lowered into the pool for use by college athletic swimmers and community members who want an extra challenge while diving into the water.

University of South Dakota President Sheila Gestring announced plans to expand the wellness center during her state of the university address on September 23 at the Aalfs Auditorium on the USD campus.

“I am incredibly excited to share new information about the wellness center’s upcoming expansion,” she said. “We hope to start construction this summer (summer 2022) and complete the project by summer 2024.

“This $ 25 million project will add approximately 45,800 gross square feet to the facility and house a new 50-meter indoor competition pool that can accommodate 400 people,” Gestring said.

Several other elements of the expansion, she said, will include:

• A 40-foot by 25-foot wellness pool

• Hot tub that can accommodate 25 users

• sports locker rooms

• extended wellness changing rooms

• Meet the management rooms

“One of the coolest features of the expansion will be the addition of ‘NinjaCross’, a fully customizable obstacle course that can be raised or lowered from the ceiling in less than 60 seconds,” said the president of the ‘university. “This obstacle course will create three-dimensional challenges for swimmers and athletes of all ages and fitness levels.”

Gestring performed a short music video produced by NinjaCross. The company is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas and, according to its website, its systems are “an attraction that will take the fitness and competition experience to a new level.” NinjaCross â„¢ was created to enable users of all fitness levels to progress in a safe and supportive environment; and challenge athletic competitors in an exciting spectator environment.

According to the website, NinjaCross â„¢ has built more than 1,500 recreation, fitness and aquatics projects over 25 years with the goal of helping facility owners attract large user groups to their facility, create new new revenue streams with creative programming and increased downtime throughout the week.

For indoor installations, the NinjaCross â„¢ Structural Truss is mounted directly over the existing ceiling space of the installation, securing obstacle tracks that lower into position for use.

“I hope you are all excited about what this will bring in terms of opportunities for our students, faculty, staff and community with this wellness center expansion,” Gestring said. “It would be pretty amazing for our students, I think. It also provides a different opportunity for our Vermillion community to, perhaps, host meetings during the summer months, especially when we’re a little less busy here on campus with our pool.

The ribbon cutting for the $ 15 million, 61,000 square foot wellness center took place in February 2011 and it had already become a hub of activity in the community by that time the residents of Vermillion and the college students using the facility while warmly dressed construction staff worked. a sweat finishing the final touch to the building.

Located directly north of the Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts building, the Wellness Center is the campus recreation center at USD with opportunities for personal training and group fitness, intra-sports muros and a 38-foot-high climbing wall, with 4,300 hold combinations and nine rope stations.

In addition, the wellness center includes two racquetball courts, several recreational grounds for basketball and volleyball, group fitness studios for aerobics, Pilates and yoga, a fitness track. three-way walk / jog, locker rooms; and state-of-the-art workout equipment, including exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and a large weight room stocked with treadmills and weight-training equipment.