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30 Best Modern Family Episodes Ranked

Fighting over a large family for a family photo can sometimes be daunting, especially if there is a lot of drama causing friction between different family members from the events of the day. Claire, a perfectionist who only wants the best photos of the whole family, finds out the hard way.

Phil, Alex, Gloria and Manny go to a Lakers game. During the event, Phil and Gloria appear on the kiss camera. Of course, they are not in a relationship and Phil tries to get rid of them. However, the crowd isn’t too happy and they boo the couple. So Gloria grabs Phil and puckers up for a big one. Meanwhile, Claire’s frustrations are already beginning as she tries to fix the broken staircase in their home for family photos. She ends up making things worse. Alex tells Phil that Claire is angry. Of course, Phil believes he saw the kiss on TV and is furious about it.

Mitchell has his own battles to fight, namely a pigeon that made it into his home. As Mitchell chases the bird around the house, much of the place ends up being destroyed. When Claire asks Mitchell if they can do the photo shoot at his house now, he refuses because his house looks like the site of a massacre.

The family always dress in matching white outfits and prepare for an outdoor photo. Cam is mad at Mitchell about their house and Phil brings up the kiss, which sparks drama. Then Jay throws mud after getting irritated due to Claire’s micromanagement. A mud fight ensues, but the picture is one that will be full of memories.