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Back in the saddle for the city

Vivian Gonzales hands over the Hanna Town Clerk hat after six years away.

Gonzales had left the position of city clerk to become director of parks and recreation for Hanna. Over the past six years, she has helped restore the recreation center, complete with indoor pool, racquetball courts, basketball courts and exercise equipment, to good condition.

It was a lot of work, but Gonzales is happy with what she accomplished.

Now she feels it’s time to return to the town hall.

Gonzales loves the Hanna community.

“I grew up in Hanna. I graduated here,” Gonzales said. “I ventured out into the world after graduating for a little while, but came back because I wanted to raise my kids in Hanna.”

She has two children still in school, but two have graduated.

“I have three grandsons now and it looks like they could grow up here too,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales recalls his first time working for city hall in 2008.

“He was a part-time replacement to help out as the city clerk in 2008,” Gonzales said. “The clerk retired and I was appointed city clerk in 2010. Then in June 2017 I became director of parks and recreation for Hanna.”

When she took over as director of parks and recreation, she became a certified lifeguard and pool operator.

There were many challenges for the recreation center to become what it is today,” Gonzales said. “From painting and cleaning to major repairs, it took a lot of attention.

Gonzales said her staff over the years had helped her tremendously during times when there was a lot to do.

“If it hadn’t been for all of my staff over the years helping me, the center wouldn’t have been able to do the painting, keep cleaning and keep it as good as it looks. ‘she is,” Gonzales said. . “It was built in 1982 and I have grown up with it in my life and it has been important to me to keep it in good condition for future generations. It is a great place for children and athletes to use it during the offseason.

Gonzales admits it’s hard to leave the facility, but she thinks she can still help out at the rec center.

“I think in my position, going back to the town clerk and the new hire they have for the recreation center, we can work well together and grow the recreation center,” Gonzales said. “I will always be there to help.”

Gonzales knows the city faces many challenges as wind project impact funds are distributed and spent.

“I’m ready,” Gonzales said. “There’s still a lot of knowledge, from when I was a clerk before, which gives me a solid foundation. A lot of that knowledge just doesn’t go away. Once you learn it, you learn it. ‘learn. I’m sure I’m going to have to get my feet wet on some things, but I’ll be fine.’

Gonzales thinks work will keep him busy this time around due to construction activity on the roads and AML fill in the mines.

“I’m never one to run away from a challenge to learn something,” Gonzales said. “Impact funding has helped the city a lot, so I’m going to keep looking for it to help us. We’ll keep moving forward.”