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Best Quest 2 games for VR beginners to avoid motion sickness

Putting on a VR headset and entering a virtual world for the first time is a special experience. Unfortunately, it can also be nauseating. It’s very common for newcomers to VR to get sick within minutes of launching a game. Your skin may get clammy, you may feel sick, and you may even feel a strong dizziness. It’s not the most relaxing or fun time.

While there are many factors why VR motion sickness occurs, one thing that makes it worse is playing a game designed for those with more VR experience. If you put on your headset and immediately fire up a game like Resident Evil 4, you’re probably going to get a bad reaction. Luckily, there are plenty of very user-friendly games for newcomers to VR. If you’re struggling to get your VR legs, our list of the best Quest 2 games for VR beginners to avoid motion sickness will help you get the most out of your Quest 2 while getting acclimated to virtual reality.

confusing places

Puzzling Places is one of the most relaxing experiences available on Quest 2. It is a collection of puzzles with customizable levels of complexity, allowing you to choose the number of pieces for each puzzle between 25, 50, 100 , 200, or a whopping 400 What makes Puzzling Places so special is that the puzzles are 3D, and rather than just placing pieces in front of you, you’ll need to rotate the puzzle through all angles to figure out where they fit. place. It can be played completely seated and requires no movement, making it a perfect choice for VR beginners and anyone who suffers from motion sickness.

VR painting

There are many art games and apps for Quest 2, but Painting VR is the best for virtual reality newcomers. It immerses you in a huge virtual art studio and gives you a canvas with customizable dimensions, as well as a huge range of painting tools from tiny brushes to spray paint cans. Painting VR also gives you an in-game browser that you can use to paint with real-time YouTube tutorial videos and allows you to upload your own reference images.

Tetris Effect: Connected

The experience of playing Tetris Effect: Connected is really hard to put into words. On the surface, it’s just classic Tetris gameplay in VR. It’s only when you play yourself that you realize how the trippy 3D visuals, emotional background music, and meditative gameplay blend together to create something magical. Tetris Effect: Connected doesn’t require any movement and instead lets you walk away or away from the Tetris board to get as close to the action as you want. It also features a unique multiplayer mode with full cross-play support, so you can play with friends regardless of platform.

small towns

Little Cities takes a laid-back, comfortable approach to the city-building genre, and does so to great effect. Players fly over the island like a giant, invisible god and build cities from scratch. While Cities: VR requires you to micromanage budgets and power line placement, Little Cities instead tasks you with maximizing the happiness of your citizens through strategic city zoning and building placement. The simple aesthetic really pops in VR and gives a sense of depth, and the push-pull motion system keeps you from getting stomach sick.

beat the saber

For many, Beat Saber is the quintessential VR game. The premise couldn’t be simpler – take the action of rhythm games like Guitar Hero but replace button presses with directional arm movements – and that’s part of what makes it work so well. You’re not hitting the right buttons to the beat, but instead slicing them with a musical lightsaber in the direction indicated. All the while, you dodge and weave through obstacles while slicing through virtual boxes. It’s fun, exhilarating, and one of the best VR games you can play.

Whip Gun

What happens when you combine the mechanics of rhythm games with the sleek shooter of John Wick? You get Whip Gun. Equal parts Beat Saber and an on-rails light gun game, Pistol Whip lets you shoot baddies and dodge bullets while automatically progressing through levels set to music. Your score increases for every hit you land and you are free to modify each level to make it as easy or as difficult as you want. Pistol Whip has received lots of free content updates since launch, which means you can enjoy lots of fun gun action.


There are few games on Quest 2 that are as cute as Moss. This adventure for all ages stars Quill, a cute and brave little mouse, on a quest to save his uncle. It’s a typical fantasy setup, but Moss isn’t your typical action-adventure game. The focus is on environmental puzzles that you will need to solve to help Quill. Rather than shrinking you down to his size, Moss keeps you down to your human size as you help Quill on his adventure, creating a fun sense of scale that’s perfect for VR.

work simulator

A VR staple, Job Simulator is a hilarious collection of job simulations that are very loose approximations of real-world professions. The fun of the game doesn’t just come from its premise – the robots show you what the world of work was like by running you through simulations in a museum of work – but from its physical gameplay. Drawers can be opened, coffee can be blown and staplers can be thrown away. Almost anything can be interacted with and it really shows the level of immersion VR can achieve.

Racket: Nx

If you’re looking to break a sweat, Racket:Nx is a great way to see how virtual reality can enhance a workout without making you too sick. Racquet: Nx can be described as anti-gravity racquetball, but instead of the ball simply bouncing off a wall and coming straight back at you, it rolls around a 360 degree dome. You stand still and instead use a tractor beam on your racquets to drive the ball back towards you. There are a variety of different modes available, from score-based levels to a more outright racquetball experience.


Like Beat Saber, SUPERHOT VR is considered by many to be a must-have game for any VR gamer. The gimmick of SUPERHOT VR is that time only moves when you do, which means when you’re swarmed by enemies, you’ll need to stand still and slow down if you want to make it out alive. SUPERHOT VR’s sleek aesthetics and inventive gameplay make it one of the best VR games you can own, and it’s a perfect choice no matter what VR experience you have.


As you might have guessed from the title, Startenders puts you in the role of a bartender in space. You’ll need to collect enough tips to buy coins to upgrade your bar equipment, which will require delivering drinks to your alien customers with precision and speed. There’s a lot to follow and the controls can get quite complex, so it won’t be as simple as pressing a button and topping off with a funky umbrella. Startenders also features a mode that lets you create your own custom cocktails that your customers can order in the campaign, featuring over 100,000 possible ingredient combinations.


A word of warning: Of all the games on this list, Swarm has the most potential to make you feel a little dizzy. It’s definitely better for those who feel they can transition to a game with a bit more VR intensity rather than complete beginners. Swarm is a cell shadow arcade shooter that lets you swing around a 360 degree stadium with grappling hooks, shoot hordes of robotic enemies with lots of cool guns. It sounds like a recipe for disaster for anyone prone to motion sickness, but as many players can attest, Swarm’s grappling mechanics somehow make its action not just tolerable but downright comfortable.

Switch to more intense VR games

Each person will adapt to virtual reality at a different pace. Some won’t get motion sickness at all and can get into the more intense games right off the bat, and others may need to stick to milder experiences for a few months. Don’t get frustrated if there are games you can’t physically play yet!

If you suffer from motion sickness, Puzzling Places and Painting VR will probably be your best bets for comfortable experiences. When you feel like you’ve almost gotten used to VR but aren’t ready to fully jump into something like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, games like Swarm and Startenders fill the gap perfectly. Remember that if you don’t allow yourself time to adjust to VR, motion sickness could prevent you from enjoying some of the best Quest 2 games available.