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Bison RecWell updates, weight rooms and sand volleyball to benefit students


Bison Recreation and Wellness is delighted to announce many improvements and updates to the Recreation and Wellness Center (RAWC) and intramural grounds, all with OBU students in mind.

Bison Recreation and Wellness (Bison RecWell) exists to “engage, encourage, educate and equip our OBU Bison community toward Christ-like wellness in the areas of physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being”. This mission is accomplished through the department’s major program areas, including wellness, competitive sports and recreation. Bison RecWell provides services to students, employees and the wider OBU community.

Bison RecWell oversees the RAWC which opened in 2007. The 59,500 square foot building includes a full-service fitness center, student recreation hall and lounge area, three outdoor basketball courts full-size hardwood, two group fitness studios/purpose rooms, elevated track (1/10th mile lap), 29-foot indoor rock climbing wall, two racquetball courts, showers and changing rooms and an event room. The RAWC serves over 2,800 members within the OBU community and hosts several sports tournaments and climbing competitions. The RAWC houses the OBU intramural and club sports programs and facilitates the use of the OBU intramural courts and outdoor sand volleyball courts.

Over the past few weeks, the RAWC and intramural fields have undergone several notable and positive updates. On the intramural courts, the construction of two new competitive sand volleyball courts is nearing completion. The courts are located at the southern end of the intramural grounds, between the RAWC and MacArthur Street. The courts will feature three streetlights with a combined total of eight LED lights, allowing games to take place in the evening and at night, extending the daily use of the courts and also allowing for evening play during the warmer months when the surface sand experiences high temperatures. The courts will be built next to each other in a large sandbox with lines defining the playing boundaries of each court. They will also have excellent drainage. When the new courts are completed, the existing volleyball court will be seeded and leveled evenly to become an adjacent green space.

The sand volleyball courts will feature a standard recreational competition playing surface. This will allow competition up to the level of club sports competitions. The goal is to create an intentional space where students, faculty, and staff can recreate, feel safe, and enjoy campus recreation. The total cost of the sand volleyball project is approximately $60,000, all of which was donated to the McDowell Family Intramural Program at RAWC.

The RAWC facility itself has also undergone several recent upgrades, all of which are fully funded by the university budget. Improvements have been planned and budgeted for in advance, with the aim of providing the best possible recreation and wellness opportunities for the student body and the OBU community. All updates have also been made with ADA compliance in mind, improving the user experience for all guests.

In March, 82 fixtures throughout the facility were converted to LED lighting. This improvement will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the RAWC, more than paying for itself in energy savings in just a few years.

During spring break, new cardio equipment also arrived at RAWC. The equipment was acquired under a lease agreement, which will provide benefits over the purchased equipment. First, when a machine breaks down for any reason, it will be promptly replaced at no additional cost for installation via the rental agreement. Second, where repairs are possible, they will also be carried out quickly and at no additional cost. Third, it allows RAWC to keep the most up-to-date equipment, rotating it every four years instead of waiting longer as is the case with purchased equipment.

The RAWC also recently converted one of the existing racquetball courts into a dedicated free weight room, with new free weights also arriving recently. This is a similar approach taken by other universities and institutions. Two racquetball courts remain available.

Bison RecWell also manages the workout facilities at Agee Residence Center and WMU Residence Hall. This series of updates includes moving some of the weights from RAWC to Agee. The new cardio equipment lease also includes three treadmills going to WMU. The flooring at the WMU practice facility is replaced with a new rubberized flooring similar to what was previously at the facility. While these two halls of residence training provide ultimate convenience for residents of Agee and WMU, other students can also access these facilities by logging into reception and swiping their student ID to gain access. in the training rooms.

Another important update to the RAWC will take place this summer. At the end of June and beginning of July, the basketball courts will be redone. While the courts are maintained annually with a waterproofing treatment, the need for a complete resurfacing is essential.

The RAWC is open to all current students and employees, as well as the immediate families of employees. OBU Community Memberships are available at cost to Alumni, President’s Council, Concurrent Students, Graduate Students, OBU Student Spouses, OBU Contract Employees, and Evangelical Church Staff and Members local.

For more information about Bison RecWell, including RAWC hours, visit okbu.edu/wellness.