Boy throws hilarious tantrum over his missed putt [WATCH]
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Boy throws hilarious tantrum over his missed putt [WATCH]

When I was a teenager, my father discovered his love for the game of golf. So that meant a set of clubs for both of us and plenty of trips to the golf courses in the area. For some reason, he thought taking his kids golfing was a good idea.

He was so serious about my future golf game that he gave me a brand new set of Nancy Lopez clubs and a bag to match. We were both dressed in great golf outfits. We may not have played very well, but we looked great. Like models straight out of Golf Digest.

When my little brother grew up, he joined us on the course. From a distance, it looked like we were sharing a great family day on the golf course, but what we might not see is the fire brewing inside.

Each of us has a very passionate personality. Our anger can flare up quickly. Not to each other, at least on the golf course, but to the game of golf.

So many times we could be heard swearing and seen trying to throw a golf club into the woods or the lake. Golf is the most frustrating game. One day you’re playing amazing, the next day you’re playing like you never picked a club.

I think that’s why I love this video so much. This kid feels like we all do when we play golf and just miss an easy, hilariously furious putt.

According to his father,

A man and his sons play golf. One is serious about the game, while the other has regrets.

Watch his collapse and watch his brother who would rather be somewhere other than the golf course. LOL

[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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