Canada’s First Outdoor Squash Tournament Comes to Vancouver

Attention squash and racquetball fans! The first outdoor squash tournament in Canada will take place in Vancouver this summer. The best of all? It will feature the all-glass courtyard that once adorned the Giza pyramids, among many other international destinations. Talk about bragging rights!

The busy ground will travel to Jack Poole Plaza from June 1-5 for the 2022 Oxford Properties Canadian Squash Championship. More on that bite later, though.

ICYMI, squash is a racket sport played in doubles – usually two or four. A small, hollow rubber ball is served and the players take turns hitting it against one of the four walls (in this case, it’s the front wall). You’ll definitely want to read the rules and granular details before playing, but you get the gist.

Now back to this year’s championships. The all-glass Power Court (named after the BC-born legend and the only North American player to rank among the best in the world) will allow attendees to see every game in its entirety.

On the last two days of the event, the court will be open to anyone interested in trying out squash – equipment provided! The YWCA Fitness & Racquet Club will also hold several draws for three-month memberships if you want to deepen your knowledge and practice of the sport.

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If you have little ones or just want to start in a short that do not all glass, a mini inflatable squash court will also be available near the Olympic cauldron.

GA admission gets you a seat in the stands and access to the beer garden. For a front-row seat, you’ll want to splurge on a VIP ticket.

Stay tuned through their social media and website for upcoming deets.

We’ll see you there, Vancouver!

2022 Oxford Properties Canadian Squash Championships

When: From Wednesday 1 June to Sunday 5 June
Or: 1055 Canada Square, Jack Poole Plaza
Cost: $23.34 to $45.62 for GA, $279.54 for VIP (all games included)