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Do NFL players have access to Fantasy Football?

On sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, Bovada and several other sports betting portals, many NFL fans play fantasy football and make bets.

Restrictions are more severe for NFL players with respect to these activities. Even though fans are allowed to participate in some fantasy leagues. And make bets through which they can win big rewards.

NFL players can participate in fantasy football. But they can only take winnings up to $250, according to Pro Football Talk. Fantasy sports and other similar pastimes are not considered gambling as long as there is no betting on the outcome of the game.

The main purpose of these limits is to prevent fantasy sports participants from having an unfair advantage, as they may have access to information about teams and leagues that the general public does not.

Do NFL players have access to fantasy football

NFL players are allowed to organize leagues, but they are only allowed to offer prizes up to $250. It’s a different scenario when it comes to betting on their clubs compared to other teams.

Although the NFL has drawn the distinction, many seem puzzled as to why gambling is banned when fantasy sports are allowed. Because, essentially, both include the potential for financial gain.

Fantasy football matches and league or club sponsored skills competitions (such as racquetball tournaments and “Club Olympics” events). These are held for prizes and are generally not considered gambling or gambling-related activities. This is according to NFL policy.

NFL players are allowed to participate in fantasy football, but they are not allowed to place bets. Arizona Cardinals defensive back Josh Shaw has been banned from betting on NFL games in 2020.


In a statement, Commissioner Roger Goodell reiterated that it is illegal to bet on NFL games if you are employed by the league in any capacity.

Calvin Ridley, a former wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, was fined this offseason and suspended for the entire 2022 NFL season for betting on sports. He also placed a bet on his own group.

On the last day of the NFL’s trade deadline, he was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars despite being banned.

In conclusion, NFL players are allowed to play fantasy football, but not to bet on which teams would win the games.

Players are more savvy. So they know the latest happenings in the league and within their own clubs. So that seems extremely fair. Moreover, it creates a conflict of interest which is bad for the sport. If a player in an NFL game has goals other than winning.

The league’s strong disincentives to prevent players from placing bets on games should deter professional league participants from doing so.

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