Elvis’ cousin shares King’s recurring emotional dream ‘I always wake up before the end’ | Music | Entertainment

Before becoming famous, Elvis Presley moved with his extended family from Tupelo, Mississippi, where he was born, to Memphis, Tennessee, where he would live for the rest of his short life. His ex-wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie are well known around the world, but there are other close family members still there, including one from that move who is still alive today. One of them is Billy Smith, the last surviving original member of the Memphis Mafia.

Billy knew Elvis incredibly personally, often being invited to his room at Graceland to hang out, watch movies, and talk about all sorts of topics, especially the spiritual and the paranormal.

His cousin was one of the last people to see the King alive, having played racquetball with him hours before he died of a heart attack on August 16, 1977.

He remembered drying Elvis’ hair for him in the bathroom where he would perish around lunchtime that day. The star was hopeful for the future.

Billy’s sons Joey and Danny grew up in Graceland as childhood friends of Lisa Marie and knew Elvis well.

The latter had always hoped that he would grow up to be invited to become a member of the Memphis Mafia and his cousin The King’s bodyguard, but unfortunately the star’s life was cut short.

What’s particularly chilling is that Danny keeps having the same strange and very emotional dream about the late music icon and it involves his parents.

In a new video on his Memphis Mafia Kid channel, he said: “I’ve had this dream once in a while now many times and it’s the same dream. We’re actually on tour and Elvis is getting ready to do a show and he’s looking for mom and dad.

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Danny also shared how he thinks the ghost of Elvis may have visited him to tell him everything is fine.

Also, his father Billy knew it was time to leave Graceland when he felt the king calling him from above in the mansion where he died.

He recalled: “I was getting dressed and going out to Graceland and for some reason I was always looking out his office window because I felt like he was calling me and looking out the window. . Oh my God, that…that…touched me.