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Elvis shared his true intentions for Ginger Alden weeks before his death – ‘I betrayed her’ | Music | Entertainment

Being such a huge star with incredible wealth and good looks, Elvis Presley had no shortage of beautiful women wanting to be with him. The king appreciated virgins and admitted that he could not have sex with a woman who had given birth. Yet of all of them, there were three leading ladies in the star’s life.

After divorcing his only wife Priscilla Presley in 1973, model Miss Tennessee Linda Thompson was invited to live at Graceland with him, which she did for four years.

Yet over time, she longed for a more normal life away from the celebrity spotlight and broke up amicably with Elvis around Christmas 1976. It was around this time that he started dating Ginger Alden when she was 20 and he was 41.

Two months later, the King offered her a diamond from his $30,000 TCB (Takin’ Care of Business – his motto) stage ring and planned to be married on Christmas Day 1977. However, the members of the Memphis mafia are wondering if he really really intended to marry her.

Although Ginger feels like she’s found her “soul mate” in their “intense” relationship, getting married was never meant to be.

On August 16, 1977, after a game of racquetball in the wee hours of the morning, she and Elvis went up to Graceland to go to bed.

At one point, the king took a book to read from the toilet, but hours later his latest lover would find him dead on the floor after suffering a fatal heart attack.

If he had lived, would he have married Ginger or dumped her and moved on to the next girlfriend? It turns out the late star confided the truth to someone close to him who he really trusted.

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Billy Smith is the last surviving original member of the Memphis Mafia and the cousin of Elvis himself. They grew up together as children, shared rooms and traveled from Tupelo to Mississippi during their family move.

The king didn’t confide in many people, yet this relative was regularly invited upstairs to his bedroom to have long, vulnerable conversations about how he really felt. There are even secrets Billy says he knows about his cousin that he will never reveal.

Nevertheless, he occasionally throws bombs. And in a new video on his YouTube channel Elvis Fans Matter, he spoke openly about a confession from singer Ginger Alden weeks before his death.

Elvis and Billy were upstairs in Lisa Marie’s bedroom in the summer of 1977 when he asked the star if he would ever consider marrying Ginger, to whom he was not loyal like all his former lovers .

The king told him, “I love Ginger. I love her and I want to be with her. I don’t know, maybe in time but not now. As long as my career goes like this and all. There is plenty of time for that. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon because too many people are counting on me. I do not know. I really do not know. I thought about it, maybe one day. I’m getting older and would like to slow down some of my tours. I have many obligations. I enjoy my concerts, I always will. This is where I am happiest. Getting married the first time interfered with a lot of my gigs because I felt like I betrayed Priscilla many times with other women and I do with Ginger.

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Billy and his wife Jo claimed that whatever Elvis decided about Ginger, he was never naturally one to marry.

The king had already said to his cousin: “I should never have been married. I don’t think I will ever go down this road again. »