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Exercise Can Help People Reach Their Goals in the New Year News

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield YMCA CEO Don Herres gave some tips for people trying to keep their New Years Resolutions to lose weight and get in shape.

Before starting an exercise program, you should check with your healthcare professional how much exercise it is safe for you to do, Herres said.

One of the best exercises for someone who is just starting out is walking, said Herres. You don’t need to be a member of a fitness club or an expensive treadmill to take a walk, and when the weather is bad, you can walk to department stores and malls, according to Herres.

For many people, having a friend to exercise with is also beneficial. Having someone to exercise with often makes a person more likely to do the activity and stick with it for longer.

Choosing a sport or activity that you like to practice is also a good idea.

“If you like activity, it won’t even look like exercise,” Herres said.

Racket sports such as tennis, racquetball, and pickle ball are a good choice for fitness because they work multiple muscle groups, improve balance and hand-eye coordination, strengthen the heart and lungs, and are very strong. fun, said Herres. These are also activities that can be enjoyed at any age, said Herres.

And Herres said it’s never too late to start a new sport.

Also, if someone plays a sport they love, not only are they enjoying it, but people are often more motivated to exercise outside of sport to improve their game.

Strength training is also helpful because muscle tissue burns more calories, so adding muscle tissue increases metabolism, allowing them to burn more calories throughout the day, Herres said.

One can use strength-training equipment like free weights or weight machines or one can do strength-training exercises such as push-ups, crunches and squats from the comfort of his own home, Herres said.

“The important thing is to do something,” Herres said.

Herres also said it’s important to set realistic goals and then break them down into small steps. Start slowly and increase your exercise.

For example, at first, a realistic goal would be to walk three days a week. And after doing this for a while, one can increase the number of days.

“There will be setbacks,” Herres said. “But when these setbacks do occur, it’s important not to give up completely.”

It is also important to be flexible in your schedule. Often times, things turn up and you don’t have an hour to exercise.

But he said, we can use the time they have wisely.

Eventually, if you stick to it, exercise becomes a habit and part of the usual routine, Herres said.

To lose weight, a good rule of thumb is to lose one pound a person should burn 3,500 calories. So if you can cut your calories by 250 calories and exercise for 250 calories, that’s 500 calories per day or one pound per week. So if a person aims to lose 20 pounds, it will take around 20 weeks.

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