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Graceland’s most popular room has a secret window used to entertain Elvis Presley and his friends

Elvis Presley’s Graceland home is one of the most well-known personal residences in the United States. The King of Rock and Roll called Memphis, TN home for 20 years. At 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd, Presley added and removed decor that changed with his tastes. However, one of the most popular rooms in the mansion has a secret window used specifically to entertain Presley and his friends. This area remains in the house to this day.

Graceland Mansion and Elvis Presley | GAB Archives/Redferns/Liaison/Getty Images

Elvis Presley’s Graceland opened to the public in 1982

When Pricilla Presley and her business advisers first came up with the idea of ​​opening Graceland to the public in 1981, there was a serious cash flow problem running the estate, the house’s official website reported. Even though Graceland wasn’t broke, there was indeed a cash flow problem. At that time, Graceland was costing over half a million dollars a year in maintenance and taxes.

In 1982 Graceland opened for touring. About 3,000 fans paid a $5 admission fee for the chance to be the first to experience the place the King of Rock and Roll called home.

Originally, Presley’s cars and motorcycles were lined up in the carport. The trophy building consisted of his collection of gold records, awards, costumes, a gun collection, and several other memorabilia. The mansion tour included the living room, music room, dining room, TV room, billiard room and trophy building.

Graceland’s most famous bedroom has a secret window

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In a video titled Gates of Graceland, Tom Brown and Graceland Archives Director Angie Marchese toured several rooms on the estate. This area included the Jungle Room, the TV Room, and the Billiard Room.

However, one room, one of the most popular in the house, has a secret window. Brown told the cameras he once spoke to Presley’s longtime friend Jerry Schilling, who revealed details about the space.

“There’s this little hidden window in the bar [of the TV room]. I remember Jerry Schilling telling me about it,” Brown said at 6:56 of the video. “It looks like a painting, but it slides up or down, and that’s where the spotlight was.”

Graceland’s TV room features three wall-mounted TVs. Presley added this feature after learning that President Lyndon B. Johnson liked to watch news on three different channels simultaneously. A movie screen hangs above the televisions.

Another room, once used for a favorite activity of Elvis Presley, is attached to a museum of his accomplishments

According to Graceland’s official blog, in the 1970s, the artist became interested in racquetball. In the summer of 1975, Elvis decided to bring his hobby closer to home by building a racquetball court in Graceland. Construction of the building began in September 1975.

In fact, on the last night of his life, Presley played racquetball alongside his fiancée Ginger Alden, his cousin Billy Smith, and Billy’s wife, Jo. After playing a few parts, the quartet lay down by the piano where Presley performed his final two songs, “Unchained Melody” and “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”

The front half of the racquetball building is complete with a pinball machine, exercise equipment, and the aforementioned piano. The second half of the building was the courtyard which houses a trophy room filled with posthumous Presley awards and family artifacts.

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