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Greg Hansen: Farewell to Bruce Larson: coach, teacher, TV analyst and more | Greg hansen

As we approach the airport, the tension mounts. Sitton stops in front of the terminal to let us go. He still has to return the rental car and take a shuttle. He will never do it. Larson nudges him and tells Dave to get out.

“You both have young children at home,” he says. “I’ll return the car. Guys, get on this plane. Sitton balks but Larson holds on. “Hurry up,” he said.

Sitton and I run to the door and perform the flight just as the door closes. Bruce Larson, trainer, teacher, television analyst, husband, father of five and superstar human being, misses the flight. He spends the day and night in Dallas, returning home Monday afternoon.

What kind of man does this for you? A very good man. • • •

On Sunday afternoon, Larson fell at the Tucson home of his son, Brian. The UA’s head basketball coach from 1961 to 1972 broke his pelvis and became seriously ill. Although he had been an active racquetball and golf player until the late 1980s, Larson lingered near death.

Coincidentally, Larson’s 1965 All-WAC goalie Warren Rustand started to think about his coach on Monday morning. The impression was so strong that Rustand drove to Larson’s house.

“He was taken care of by his daughters, Brenda and Becky, as well as three of his grandchildren,” says Rustand, longtime entrepreneur and author, CEO of Smith Capital Consulting, LLC. “I had a delightful conversation with him as we remembered old stories of his career.”