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Huntsville: TSU System Regents To Approve Designs For Recreational Sports Center Expansion

Feature Illustration: The northeast view of the Stantec Architecture Gymnasium Addition to the Sam Houston University Recreational Sports Center.

Posted: 11-9-2021

by Adolfo Pesquera

Huntsville (Walker County) – The Texas State University System Board of Regents are scheduled to meet Nov 18 in Huntsville to approve design development documents for the recreation center renovation and expansion.

The Recreational sports center / Health and kinesiology center is on the main campus of Sam Houston University and the project site is immediately east of the building. The addition will be located in parking lot Z1-17.

The renovation and expansion project consists of an addition of 9,100 gross square feet and 21,575 gross square feet of renovations to the existing Recreational Sports Center / Health and Kinesiology Center building. The addition will house an NCAA-regulated basketball court with two cross country courts and spectator seating.

The renovation portion includes 11,450 GSF for the north entrance and 8,500 GSF for racquetball, plus 1,625 GSF for the gymnasium hall, outdoor storage and a ramp.

(Left) North view of the existing building with new windows; (Right) aerial map of the project site.

The project architect / engineer is Stantec Architecture Inc. of Houston. The director of construction at risk is Kitchell Entrepreneurs Inc. from Houston.

Once the Board of Regents accepts the design documents, the construction documents phase begins (November 19). The design team is expected to complete construction documents by December 23.

Notice of the continuation of the construction phase is expected to take place on January 31, 2022. Sam Houston University expects to have substantial completion by mid-July 2023.

The total estimated cost of construction is $ 7,618,000. Professional service fees, furnishings and equipment, and other miscellaneous costs, including public art, bring the total cost of the project to $ 9.5 million.

Interior views of the new gymnasium and the main hall.

The areas immediately adjacent to the addition will be renovated to create a new space in the lobby with after-hours washroom access. The north of the existing building
the lobby and offices will be renovated to create an updated lobby and new cardio training studio, and renovations to an existing dance studio will create a new functional / cardio training studio.

Six existing racquetball courts will be converted into two multi-purpose halls, an outdoor equipment storage room and a secondary escape route for the addition.

Exterior construction is a combination of bricks, metal panels, glass showcases and glass curtain wall systems attached to a steel frame structure. The outer skin and glazing are designed to meet energy code and budget requirements.

A traditional wall construction of brick and metal board, insulation, vapor barrier and sheathing on CMU or on metal post are used as an economical option to match the existing building and meet energy / budget requirements. The roof consists of a single-layer PVC membrane on a cover and rigid panel insulation on metal deck.

Civil scope includes demolition, paving, grading, drainage and utilities required to service the proposed renovation and expansion. This also includes paving, leveling and drainage to fill gaps in exterior accessible pathways.

VBX Project ID: 2021-2BB4

The east, north and south elevations of the new gymnasium.

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