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Kingston Resident Boards Freedom Ride Across US

A resident of Kingston, New York, hits the road on what’s called a ‘solo freedom tour – around the country in 90 days’, on a motorbike, in search of tools that inspire and fuel collective liberation. August 1 marked the start date of the Freedom Ride, which will run until November 1. This is the story of Ethan Scott Barnett.

Who is Ethan Scott Barnett?

Identifying as a black, queer, organizer and cultural worker who currently lives in Kingston, Barnett has quite a background when it comes to the work they do.

Over the past 5 years, I have had the opportunity and honor to contribute to exciting and desperately needed struggles for collective political education, food sovereignty and the redistribution of self-help.

This, according to the Givebutter website where Barnett shared his story and details about the upcoming jaunt across the country studying social movements. Ultimately, the journey and the “tools” gathered along the way will directly benefit the Hudson Valley, serving as the foundation for building a “social movement incubator.”

YouTube: Ethan Barnett

YouTube: Ethan Barnett

Solo Freedom Ride: Around the Nation in 90 Days

Barnett’s cross-country trip will involve a 15,000-mile motorcycle trip around Turtle Bay, in just 90 days, visiting 33 states and 25 major cities. During the adventure, Barnett will visit various revolutionary organizations and centers of political education in order to understand how they “transform society”.

I seek guidance and counsel from BIPOC farmers, queer co-ops, civil rights movement elders, spiritual leaders, veterans of the black freedom struggle, indigenous organizers, gorilla scholars and finally and above all, ordinary people dedicated to their communities. and passionate about changing the world.

The first leg of the journey is from New York (Hudson Valley) to Alaska – 6100 miles, followed by Alaska to Arkansas – 5740 miles, Arkansas to Florida – 1700 miles, and finally from Florida to the Hudson Valley – 1700 miles.

Funding for this walk in freedom was generated by donations. As of today, August 2, the Givebutter account shows total donations of $20,020, reaching the goal of $20,000. Barnett explained where the funds would be allocated – citing $9,000 to fund the ride, $2,750 for redistribution funds, $2,750 for bills and the final $5,500 for the Hudson Valley Freedom Project.

Learn about the Hudson Valley Freedom Project

The information, resources and tools gathered during the Freedom Ride will be used here in the Hudson Valley to develop the Hudson Valley Freedom Project which has been described as “an ever-evolving movement incubator dedicated to city building across the historic dividing lines for labor-class communities in the Hudson Valley.While Barnett has a long list of organizations and individuals he will seek information from, the theme of learning from “everyday people dedicated to their communities and passionate about changing the world” is what stood out to me the most.

Follow Barnett’s journey hereand you can support the cause here.

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