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Legacy Pickle Ball set to arrive in Saratoga County in 2023 – Saratogian

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – The Legacy Pickleball Club has announced that its first of five 20,000 square foot clubs is scheduled to open in July 2023 in Saratoga County.

“I discovered the game about a year and a half ago and as an athlete I always wanted to stay active. I had never heard of pickleball, but when I first played in Florida I got it all wrong,” said Mike Xirinachs, general manager of Legacy Pickleball Club. “I quickly learned after watching players play at East Side Rec in Saratoga that it’s an amazing workout, a very social sport, and has now become a family sport.”

But why Saratoga?

“I live here, I want to give back to the community I live in. A facility like this would definitely inspire people in the community and surrounding communities to come and be active and social. It is a social and welcoming sport.

According to marketing research by Xirinachs and the club, 94% of respondents would consider joining an indoor pickleball club, 71% would play more at an indoor facility if one was available, and 36% of people are currently satisfied with current playing conditions outdoors in the summer and indoors on gymnasium floors during the winter months.

“The lights aren’t great, there’s a lot of glare and the players want to improve and it’s just not the right atmosphere to improve their game,” Xirinachs said. “If you play a certain style outside and then move inside, it’s a totally different game. It’s a different ball, a different feel, and the pitches themselves are not conducive to a really good game. It’s frustrating from the perspective of spending 6-8 months honing my skills and then for 3-4 months I have to go inside and basically those skills are lost, then I’m back outside and it takes me a month to get back into the groove again.

54% of people reported long wait times when trying to play right now.

“There are days during the summer when East Side Rec, even though they have ten full-sized courts, at any one time there can be 15 to 20 people waiting,” Xirinachs said. “Which we would mitigate.”

The club plans to have eight indoor pro-cushion courts as well as 5 outdoor courts which will be neither asphalt nor concrete, allowing for a healthier playing surface on the hips and joints. The indoor facility will also have soundproofing, LED lighting and an air conditioning system for a more controlled environment throughout the year.

While the club will be pickleball-focused, Legacy sees importance in the social aspect of the game and offers players a chance to meet other pickleball players or for new pickleball players to feel welcome in the community. The club will have a players’ lounge, party event space, cafe and merchandise shop.

“One of the main discussions we’ve had with new players is that it’s like going to the gym, I don’t want to just walk into a gym on my own because I’m going to be overwhelmed,” Xirinachs said. “We are going to offer a game at your own skill level. You will meet beginners, or people and play with advanced 2.0 to 3.0 players. You will find players with equal skills and you will be able to grow together in the game and socialize collectively.

The location of the facility has yet to be announced, but the club are considering a prime location in Malta.

Members will have the chance to reserve private courts, bring guests, take lessons or clinics, participate in national tournaments regardless of your skill level or participate in other social activities which will include ( obviously) pickleball.

The club will allow walk-in visits, but member players will have reservation privileges.

“Membership will allow you to play on superior courts, a cushion court system and all club amenities,” Xirinachs said. “We will also be hosting events, tournaments and other things for groups like Major League Pickleball.”

Membership prices are still being determined, but the Legacy Pickleball Club hopes to offer flexible pricing based on player needs.

Legacy Pickleball also hopes to give back to first responders and establish a foundation that will give the club a chance to provide pickleball equipment to local groups and schools.

“We’re going to start a nonprofit and we’re going to start marketing and donating pickleball paddles and balls and nets to first responders so they can play in the fire station, let’s say,” Xirinachs said. . “We’re going to donate to secondary schools so younger kids can learn and play the game.”

Pickleball is a growing sport and the Legacy Pickleball club is only growing. The facility’s opening in July 2023 is expected to be the first of five indoor facilities to come to Saratoga County.

“I would compare this business to racquetball 30 years ago. When racquetball first became mainstream, there were no places other than a few courts in the area where you could play racquetball,” Xirinachs said. “Suddenly you see all these private clubs opening up all over the country – pickleball has become mainstream. It’s been around since 1965, I think, and it’s only recently become the fastest growing sport in the country. I think it’s because of the ease of cultivation.