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Milwaukee Brewer should have carried a cup and takes the ball into the forbidden zone

I love baseball, especially the Chicago Cubs. (Yes, I know they’re worse than terrible right now.) Despite my love for the Cubbies, I don’t to hate Milwaukee Brewers. I mean, I want them to lose every game, but I certainly don’t hate the organization.

One thing is certain, I wish no ill will towards the players because they entertain us. They’re just people doing their job, and, oh, I’m not allowed because I can’t play at any professional level.

Baseball can be a wild sport.

Some might say baseball is boring. It may be on occasion, but there are times when there are wild games. Players can dive headfirst, backwards, or high in the air to play. It is impossible to hit these athletes as it is one of the toughest sports in the world. They hit tiny balls, thrown at 100 miles an hour, with a stick.

Yes, Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain had an ill-timed cut check. I looked at the answer 15 times and called my urologist because I felt his pain. Seriously, you look at him and tell me you haven’t backed down.

(Warning: painful time ahead.)

Do you think Cain will carry a cup in the future? How long do you think he will have a bruise? Also, the crowd reaction amplifies the “oh, $%^&” reaction. Talk about “playing ball”.

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