OBITUARY: Richard ‘Dick’ Alexander Beals

Richard (“Dick”) Alexander Beals was born on Tuesday, February 14, 1934, in Boulder, Colorado to his mother Verda Rose Beals (McLellan) and Clifford Earl Beals. Dick was an only child.

He is survived by all of Dick and Shirley’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Beals family moved to Pueblo where Dick attended elementary school, middle school, and high school. When he was old enough to drive, he conspired with his buddies to start the Pueblo Piston Pushers clubs. They managed to convince local authorities that unused airport runways should be used for drag racing. He has always had an affection for everything related to the automobile.

Richard Beals married Shirley Simmons on Saturday September 8, 1956. Dick was discharged from the United States Army on September 6 in Chicago after returning from a deployment in Europe. He flew to Georgia and married Shirley two days later, having not seen his bride-to-be in 16 months.

The newlyweds immediately moved to Colorado. They found themselves a motel in Golden, Colorado so Dick could attend the Colorado School of Mines. With no student housing available, they bought a 35-foot Safeway trailer and parked at a trailer park near campus. During the two years they lived in the trailer, Dick attended school and Shirley worked at Liberty Mutual.

The couple later moved to married student housing in Boulder for Dick to attend the University of Colorado. While in student accommodation, they met many people who would become lifelong friends. Later, these friends would get together again to play Bridge and socialize.

After graduating, Dick went to work for the Public Service Company of Colorado. Shirley returned to work for Liberty Mutual until the adoption of their first child Scott. They moved to Arvada and took up residence on Quail Street. Two years later, they adopted their second child Julie.

Dick participated in several sports activities including tennis, skiing and racquetball. He was also the “manager” of the little league football team that Scott played for. During the winter months, the whole family skied together. Having formed lifelong friendships with neighbors on Quail Street, families across the block would take long weekend trips to Winter Park for skiing and sledding.

In 1972, the couple moved to their new home in the Sierra Vista housing estate in northern Arvada. Dick retired from the public service, now known as Xcel Energy, on April 1, 1994. Not satisfied with being fully retired, he worked as a consultant for Jim Cillisen at Interstate Electrical Contractors.

In 1986, her first granddaughter was born: Erika Sue Beals. In 1987, her second grandchild was born: Alexandra Marie Humphrey. In 1988, her third grandson, Keenan Alexander Beals, was born. In 1989 his last granddaughter Renae Nicole Humphrey was born. Dick and Shirley helped with daycare for Erika and Keenan so they could, for a time, attend Sierra Elementary like their father had.

They stayed in their Arvada home until 2019, when they moved to Spring Hill, Tennessee, to be closer to family. Shirley died on April 29, 2021. Dick joined her on October 1, 2022.


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