Oddsmaker shares most popular Super Bowl bets

In American sport, there is no bigger event than the Super Bowl, both in terms of audience and money wagered. Even people who usually don’t think about betting put money aside to play the big game. While many bettors go for the standard bets, spreads and total points, many others cannot help but participate in the ancillary bets which are always available.

The beauty of incidental bets is that they are fun and cover just about every aspect of the game. It is possible to bet on the length of the national anthem, the commercials shown on TV and a host of other crazy bets. and wonderful. The question here, however, is which side bets are worth spending your money on.

I sat down with MyBookie’s Odds Manager David Strauss to discuss some of the new accessory bets he’s put in place for this year. Super Bowl Odds.

NFL Super Bowl props worth betting on – According to a professional punter

One of the side bets that people can’t seem to pass up is the coin toss. After all, it’s a 50/50 bet and you can pretty much double your money before the game even starts. the the odds for a coin toss are -105 which means you would get $ 195 on a bet of $ 100 if you choose correctly. It’s a great way to start the game, and it also gives you some cash to use on other prop bets.

In addition, before the match, you have the option of betting on the duration of the national anthem, with this year’s O / U set at 2 minutes and 3 seconds. It’s best to stay below, but if you feel like pulling you can get the OVER to +100. In case you were wondering, Alicia Keys holds the record for the longest anthem in Super Bowl history with a performance lasting two minutes and 35 seconds. Smart Money is probably below, in the last 28 Super Bowls the average performance time has been around a minute and 55 seconds.

During the game, this is when the fun really begins, as there are all kinds of prop bets available to you, including the number of touchdowns and field goals. You can bet on who will score first and how they will score. I like the first scoring bet because it is a bet that you can actually research a bit. How often either team scores on their first possession in previous games is easy to determine, and while that depends a bit on who wins the pitch and gets the ball, it is is still a bet worth taking?

Individual player accessories are also worth a look, as they tend to be great value for money and give you plenty of options. For example, you might want to focus on Patrick Mahomes and bet on how many yards he’ll pass or how many TD pitches he’ll throw. Another bet that I really like is the MVP. Generally speaking, you usually watch a QB or a receiver, so if you think you know who will win the match, the number of options to choose from is reduced. Chances are, if the Bucs win this thing, Tom Brady will be the MVP. Likewise, Mahomes will likely get it if the Chiefs win.

If you’re making a ton of money playing props, what better way to celebrate than to receive a Gatorade shower from your friends. The winning coach will be sprayed, but what color will the Gatorade be? You can bet on it, but know that orange has been the most popular color in recent years.

Oh, there is also the final score of course. At the time of publication, the Kansas City Chiefs are favored 3.5 points with an overall over / under score of 56.5. The money at the start was on the defending champions, but I advise you to proceed with caution betting against Tom Brady is the big game.

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  • Kansas City Chiefs -3.5
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5