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Patty Leon: I’m so in awe of Olympic athletes

Most of them have spent their whole lives training in their sport. Hours and hours of rigorous drills and practice for the chance to be the best in the world and represent their country. I felt such sorrow for Shaun White.

In what turned out to be his last Olympics, he did not win a medal. But he had been a medalist in the past.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist will forever be remembered as the man who pioneered the sport of snowboarding.

I was so proud to see Erin Jackson win the 500 meter speed skating. I had the privilege of meeting and having fun skating alongside the most recent Olympic gold medalist who made history.

Jackson has been skating since he was 8 years old. In Beijing, she became the first African American to win gold in a speed skating event and ended the United States’ 10-year medal drought in the sport. Jackson began his speed skating career in Ocala with inline skates.

She also started playing roller derby, which is how I got to meet her in person. When I skated for the Savannah Derby Devils, Jackson was the star jammer for the Jacksonville Roller Girls, a team that often traveled to championship games.

Jackson came to Savannah and offered a skills camp for our team, and it was a remarkable experience.

To say that her first time on the ice was only in 2016, and within four months she qualified for the 2018 Olympics, but did not win a medal. He really is a great person and an incredible athlete.

Nathan Cheng was impeccable in his routines.

Chloe Kim taking to the air was breathtaking. Watching Elana Meyers-Taylor overcome a positive COVID test to win silver and bronze in her events was triumphant. In all, Team USA finished with 25 medals, including eight gold, 10 silver and seven bronze.

I admire the determination of these athletes. I had the desire and the determination to stay in shape. Not recently. However, if sitting in front of my computer for long periods of time, typing words and reading stories were an Olympic event, I would have a good chance of winning a medal.

Or if sitting in my chair while watching a Netflix series was a sport, I would win a medal there too. I could also be a competitor in the Olympic sport of procrastination, if there was such a thing.

If shopping on Amazon was an Olympic sport, I might be a competitor, but I’ll admit there are probably plenty of other highly skilled competitors out there.

If saying I was going to start a workout, only to say I’ll start tomorrow, was a sport, I’m the clear winner! Heck, I’d be a two-time Olympic gold medalist if yo-yo dieting was a sport. But after watching the Olympics, I feel a bit inspired. I mean, it’s not too late to start a new sport, is it? After all, I was 45 when I started playing roller derby. I will be 57 in June — maybe I can prepare for the Senior Olympics.

YES! That’s what I’m going to do, but what sport?

I’ve always wanted to try archery, but buying the necessary equipment seems really expensive. I suck at racquet sports, so tennis, racquetball, pickleball, table tennis and badminton are OUT!

My knees are pretty pulled from my football and roller derby days, so athletics is a no-no, but walking/brisk walking might be a big deal. Bowling, cornhole and shuffleboard are strong possibilities. Same goes for swimming, which would be a gentle option for my aging joints.

I bet I can get pretty good at any of these three options, if I stop procrastinating, shift into high gear, and start exercising again. Why not? I was quite active until not so long ago! Heck yeah, I know I can do it! Get ready world, here comes a future Senior Olympian! Nothing will stop me now!

Oh man, it’s raining outside. Meh – maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

Patty Leon is the editor of the Coastal Cou-