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By Michel Boytim

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The PIAA held its summer meeting last week and a lot of news came out of it, but most of it is unofficial at this time, as a motion requires three readings and approvals to pass and each of the main topics goes through a single accepted reading. .

While it’s best to wait until the proposed basketball qualifiers and next state bracket reveal are official after third reading due to the possibility of things changing in future meetings, it’s worth worth exploring three more topics that could lead to seismic changes in high school. Athletics.

Competition formula

Since the PIAA adopted its competition format, only two teams in the Mirror’s coverage area – Catholic football team Bishop Guilfoyle and the men’s basketball team – have been forced to move up a ranking.

The Bellwood-Antis women’s basketball team nearly made it until a call proved they didn’t have the transfer required to trigger the transfer.

The PIAA is now preparing to render this appeal null and void.

In first reading, the PIAA approved the removal of the inclusion of transfer students as a factor in the competition formula and also approved its extension from football and basketball to all sports.

Currently, a team must have six achievement points and the required number of transfers for their sport to be advanced, but this decision would make achievement points the only factor.

That would mean programs like southern Colombia soccer, which has struggled to progress through lengthy appeal processes to prove the players weren’t transfers, would ultimately have to move up the rankings if they continue to to win.

But it could also really hurt a school like the Williamsburg women’s basketball program, which is one of the smallest schools in the state and plays Class 1A and just made the PIAA semifinals.

Getting to a state championship game earns you four success points and getting to a state semifinal earns you two. So if the years align with the formula and Williamsburg has back-to-back special seasons with a special group of players, that could be pushed even without a transfer, which doesn’t seem to be the original intention of the competitive formula. in the first place.

NONE in high school?

The second issue appears to still be a work in progress, but nonetheless, the PIAA voted at first reading to adopt a policy to address the name, image and likeness of student-athletes, much like what is happening now. in college sports.

Again, this has to go through two more readings, and we’ll see how it develops. At present, it is simply a proposal to adopt a policy that does not currently exist for a situation that may or may not arise in the future.

I think it’s a safe bet that the PIAA is just covering their bases here, and you won’t be seeing West Branch football players signed as Barstool Sports athletes on Twitter anytime soon.

Track changes

Another potentially major move to watch is for the PIAA to send out a suggestion to have three classifications in high school athletics instead of the current two.

It hasn’t even received a first reading yet, but has been sent to the Athletics Strategic Planning Committee for further consideration.

Obviously a change here would mean a lot more kids would have a chance of winning District 5 and 6 titles and even state championships, but it also means the titles would come while facing less competition in the most cases.

News and notes

There were some other less seismic news to come out of the meeting.

n The PIAA Tennis Championships will remain at the Hershey Racquet Club. The PIAA Athletics Championships will remain at Seth Grove Stadium in Shippensburg, and Medlar Field at Lubrano Park (PIAA baseball) and Beard Field at Nittany Lion Softball Park (PIAA softball) will continue to host state championship games until 2026. will be held at Penn State’s Rec Hall, and lacrosse will be held at Penn State’s Panzer Stadium.

n PCN will retain cable/television rights for golf, cross country, volleyball, field hockey, soccer, football, competitive spirit, swimming and diving, basketball, track and field , lacrosse, softball and baseball through 2026. Flo Sports are entitled to tag team and individual wrestling in the same period.

n A cooperative was approved for Bishop Carroll and Bishop McCort in the spirit of competition.

n A co-op has been approved for James Buchanan and McConnellsburg in District 5 football and wrestling.

n Tyrone Christian Academy has been approved as a member of the PIAA in District 6 for high school and college sports.

Michael Boytim can be reached at [email protected] or 946-7521. Follow him on Twitter @BoytimMichael

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