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Rising stars: Steve Hall | Chattanooga Times Free Press

Chattanooga might seem like a strange place to locate a company that builds squash courts.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, squash is similar to racquetball, but with different rules, equipment, and court sizes.

Although trending up in the South, squash is still associated primarily with the Northeastern United States, where Ivy League universities and big city squash clubs form the backbone. Sport.

Yet Steve Hall, a 50-year-old transplant from Calgary, Alberta, has moved to Chattanooga as president of CourtTech USA, a company that installs high-end squash and pickleball courts in the United States. . One of the company’s trophy projects was being one of the builders of the famed Arlen Specter US Squash Center in Philadelphia.

Hall, a former professional squash player and club pro, says he thinks the game could one day reach critical mass in the South. The foundations for such growth are already being laid in preparatory schools, he said.

“It’s steady, steady growth,” Hall says of the sport. “You play 45 minutes of squash and you can do a hell of a workout.”

CourtTech recently installed some of its German-made courts at Battle Ground Academy in Nashville, and at least one major private school in Chattanooga has a squash complex on the drawing board, Hall said.

“What drives squash is interscholastic sports,” he says. “There’s a huge educational component to that.”

Hall grew up playing youth squash in Canada and graduated to the professional circuit as a young adult. He then moved into sports equipment marketing, working first for Manta and then Dunlop before settling as a squash teaching professional at Sea Island Resort in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Steve Hall

* Use: President of CourtTech (USA)

* Age: 50

* Hometown: Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

* Education: University of Calgary

* Residence : North Chattanooga

* Family: Wife, Anna and three children: RJ, Reese and Addy.

In 2015 he purchased McWil Courts, a squash court construction company, and later in 2019 became a partner of CourtTech as owner and president of the company’s US operations.

The center of the business is an office on Hixson Pike. Hall said he and his wife, Anna, who works at the Baylor School, were drawn to Chattanooga because of its temperate climate, central location and good schools.

As of 2021, CourtTech has installed courts in half a dozen states, including California, Texas, New York, Tennessee, and Michigan. The courts are made in Traunstein, Germany, and are known for their design which features modular sand-filled sidewalls and maple floors.

Hall’s business has also branched out into installing pickleball courts. The paddle sport is particularly popular among older people.

“Baby boomers were playing tennis,” Hall says. “Pickle-ball they can handle (now) because it’s less rigorous.”