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Tallmadge Leisure Center Reports Increase in Visits

The number of recreation centers in Tallmadge continues to improve as more people are vaccinated and more people feel comfortable training indoors.

Civil Service Director Michael Rorar reported on March 11 that the recreation center had 11,216 visits, an increase of 250 from last month, and averaged 400 visits per day, an increase of 13% compared to January.

“We’re definitely on the rise,” Rorar said.

He added, however, that the membership was 6,147 members, down 934 from last year.

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Additionally, the basketball courts, which are available Monday through Thursday, are reserved throughout March and most of April, and pickleball, which resumed in the fall, continues to grow. attract about 30 retirees every Wednesday morning, said recreation center director Jessica Simons.

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More visitors are expected with the reopening of the racquetball courts, which became available on March 11.

The recreation center no longer provides equipment, so participants must bring their own.

Ballfield rentals are almost full for spring and early summer.

Rorar also reported that theaters remain closed and that reservations have been canceled until April.

“I want to stress that everything is happening so fast that if the governor decides on one day’s notice to open everything, we are probably in 30 to 45 days before we get there,” he said. “We have no hired staff; we are not ready.”

Outdoor shelters, however, are slated to open on May 1.

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