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UC Services to Help You Keep Your Resolutions This Year Life and the arts

UC Sustainability’s Bike Kitchen is a service center where any student, staff, or faculty can learn about bicycle repair and maintenance.

Each new year, once the ball has fallen and the champagne bottles have been burst, many find themselves with New Year’s resolutions to break. Whether you’re looking to be more active or spend more time volunteering, it can be difficult to stick to your resolve beyond the first two weeks of the year. However, there are many resolutions that can be maintained and achieved using the many resources that the University of Cincinnati (UC) offers its students.

Be active

Those looking to be more physically active in 2022 have many options on campus to help them achieve their goals. The Campus Recreation Center (CRC) offers 212,000 square feet of space to be active in the New Year and is free to all full-time students in the upscale neighborhoods of campus. In addition to the standard cardio and strength training equipment, CRC also offers fitness classes, personal training, racquetball, water sports, and indoor rock climbing. CRC also offers certifications and workshops for those who wish to continue pursuing their passion for fitness as one of their resolutions.

Live more sustainably

As society continues to run out of time to take action against the most serious effects of climate change, many people are looking to make lifestyle changes to live more sustainably. Programs like UC Bike Kitchen and Bearcat Bike Kitchen can help students reduce the carbon consumption in their lives. Both of these programs are managed by the UC Office of Sustainability and aim to promote cycling culture on campus and allow students to borrow a bicycle to get around town or can help students repair their personal bikes. The university also has several student organizations dedicated to environmental protection, such as Restore Our Mother Earth (ROME), Leaders for Environment Awareness Protection (LEAP) and Sustainable Industrial Design Initiative.

Volunteer more

The university has several services for those who wish to spend more time helping the community this year. On the Center for Community Engagement website, students can find a myriad of volunteer opportunities. The wide variety of volunteer opportunities ensure that students can find an organization or community project that they are passionate about this year. Programs include Bearcat Buddies, a partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) to bring in volunteer tutors to help CPS students with schoolwork and with Cincinnati Parks, to help conserve and manage city parks.

Get organized

The new year is a perfect opportunity to reorganize yourself and change some school habits that hinder your learning. In order to reverse some of these bad habits and prepare you for a successful spring semester, the university offers Free Skills for Success workshops that teach students skills that will help them succeed in college. With services tailored to both a freshman or a student in their final semester, students can participate in one-hour trainings on better study habits, time management, tackling procrastination and more.