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University of Memphis unveils $ 31 million student wellness center

The University of Memphis (UM) has opened a new student wellness center with state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sports equipment.

The $ 31 million facility expanded cardio and weight training areas, four group fitness studios, basketball courts, and three tennis courts. It also has an educational kitchen, an indoor track, an outdoor swimming pool and a conference space.

“Well-being is at the heart of what a great school is supposed to be”, former interim president of UM Brad Martin mentionned. “There is not an element of this community whose well-being is not affected by the work of this great university. This is a physical demonstration of the incredible progress this university has made over the past eight years.

The new wellness center will operate alongside the university’s existing student sports and recreation complex. They will provide programming support for basketball, volleyball, badminton, racquetball and indoor swimming.

According to the president of the UM David Rudd, the multi-million dollar installation shows that the school is committed to student welfare and general education. “This is a great addition to the University of Memphis infrastructure and it all benefits the entire Memphis community,” he said. Explain at Local memphis.

Bring excitement

In a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, the president of the student government of UM Matthieu Blanc told the crowd he was most excited about the new facility opening. He said the wellness center will provide support for the school’s annual intramural.

Memphis basketball coach Penny hardaway also shared his thoughts, saying that building such a facility is an “upgrade” for the university.

“Over the years, things change. To see what we had compared to what the students have in 2021, it’s incredible! he Note at The commercial call. “And that’s what the university is supposed to do, keep growing. It helps us recruit students to come to school. It helps us recruit athletes. It helps us at all levels. “

Named after the former interim president

UM decided to name the new training center after Martin, alumnus and retired CEO of Saks Incorporated. He has been a member of the UM board of directors since 2017.

“I can’t imagine a more suitable building to bear Brad Martin’s name,” Rudd said. “He has been dedicated to student well-being since his student days at UofM. Much of his work has been done outside of the public, but has been essential to the progress of this university and our community. “