Where the cool kids retire

Where the Cool Kids Retire is a new campaign video from On Top of the World in Ocala, Florida.

You can check it here:

The video gives you incredible insight into the amenities residents enjoy every day. Things like 54 holes of golf on three courses, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, a private R/C flying field, bocce, racquetball and basketball courts, a fitness center, a health club and spa, restaurants, cultural venues and much more.

One of the golf courses there, Candler Hills, was recently ranked #10 on Golf Pass’ list of Florida’s best golf courses. By comparison, TPC Sawgrass with its famous 17th hole island green that you watch the pros struggle with every March was ranked No. 16, which says a lot about Candler Hills.

Residents of On Top of the World can also participate in more than 175 clubs, leagues, hobbies and lifelong learning opportunities.

It’s not hard to see why On Top of the World was the 3rd best-selling 55+ community in the country last year, with 635 new home sales.

One of my Florida Retirement Insider readers and members, Curt, is building a house there right now and he recently posted a 2,745-word message to other Florida Retirement Insider members, part of which explained why he had chose On Top of the World over The Villages.

Here is an exerpt :

Our pick at the end is On Top of the World (OTOTW). Overall it has all the activities/amenities we are looking for while being much less crowded than The Villages. Believe me, we would like to live in The Villages for many reasons. But, there are too many people, the houses are quite small, just like the grounds, and it is expensive.

OTOTW, on the other hand, the houses are much larger, the land (for estate houses) is 0.25 acres, spreading the houses out a bit, and the construction cost is very reasonable. There is less people. They have three recreation centers with more to come.

The Town Square is similar to The Villages, but not as crowded with retail. However, along the OTOTW border you have plenty of shops and restaurants within golf cart reach. Speaking of which, you don’t really need a gas cart, electricity will suffice. Another good thing about OTOTW is that it is near the villages so we can walk to any of the village squares and hang out.

Finally, not too far away is the town of Ocala, shopping malls, recreation centers, etc.

He then went on to describe the process of designing and selecting his home, going into great detail about how much he spent on upgrades and extras and why he chose certain items over others. You can sign up and read everything here.

To learn more about why Curt and many other cool kids choose On Top of the World for their retirement, ask the community for more info here: